Is Fast and the Furious on Netflix

Is Fast and the Furious on Netflix

Released in 2001, “The Fast and the Furious” is a superb action and thriller picture. It’s no wonder the Fast and Furious series has built a devoted fan following after two decades, nine action-packed flicks, and innumerable stunning automobiles and nail-biting car chases. Fans of the franchise may have wondered, “Is Fast & Furious on Netflix?”

Is Fast and the Furious on Netflix

If you own a Roku, you can stream it through Spectrum TV, Watch TNT, Watch TBS, truTV, Prime Video, ROW8, Vudu, Redbox, or Apple TV.

Is Fast and the Furious on Netflix?

We’ve all seen and enjoyed Fast and the Furious, a film that any car guy will appreciate. The Fast and the Furious is available on Netflix everywhere except in the United States and the United Kingdom.

In addition to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, and South Asia, Netflix also offers The Fast and the Furious. Users from other countries may need to utilize a virtual private network (VPN) to be located in one of the listed countries to view the film.

Netflix users, here’s how to watch “The Fast and the Furious.”

Even though The Fast and the Furious isn’t currently streaming on Netflix where you are, you can still view it in the United States. If you want to watch The Fast and the Furious on Netflix, you must follow the easy instructions for switching your location.

  • Subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  • Get the app and use it.
  • Connect to a server in Canada by clicking on that country’s name in the server list.
  • You can sign in and look for Netflix there if you have Netflix.

Netflix subscribers in various countries may watch the Fast and the Furious films.

Many of the Fast and Furious films are on Netflix in many countries because of UNOGs. As of June 2020, all Fast and Furious movies were accessible on Netflix in Canada.

The first six films were released on Netflix in numerous territories in early 2020. These areas include Australia, India, most of continental Europe (excluding the UK), Mexico, Latin America, and Asia.

At the time of publication, Fast and Furious 8, also known as The Fast of the Furious, was the most readily accessible film. You can now watch it streaming on Netflix in Canada, the UK, and a sizable chunk of Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Where else can I watch The Fast and the Furious online?

One of the most popular films of the early 21st century is The Fast and the Furious. The film may be seen online through the following video-on-demand (VOD) providers:

United States

A Virtual Private Network is required to watch The Fast and the Furious in the United States. Major stores provide DVD rental services for The Fast and the Furious, including Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, and Amazon Video, but you won’t find it on any streaming services.

United Kingdom

The Fast & the Furious franchise is unavailable on major UK ad-free streaming services. Alternatively, you may pay a rental fee to watch it on services like Amazon Video, Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, Chili, the Microsoft Store, YouTube, and Rakuten TV.


In addition to BINGE, Amazon Prime Video, Stan, and Foxtel Now, you can watch The Fast and Furious on other OTT services in Australia.


You may watch Fast & Furious on various German providers, including Sky Go and WOW. The movie is available to German residents paying subscribers to their service.


Subscribers in Canada may watch Fast & Furious on Crave Starz, the Starz Amazon Channel, and Crave.

Best Online Resources for Watching “The Fast and the Furious”

The Fast and the Furious debuted in 2001 and marked the beginning of the Fast Saga. Aside from Hulu, neither Netflix nor Amazon Prime offers the title. Starz, Direct TV,  and Showtime customers may also watch it. Vudu, Amazon, Microsoft, iTunes,  and Redbox all rent the HD version for $3.99, while YouTube and Google Play offer the 4k version for the same price. By visiting the above-stated websites, you may buy the title for $8.99 in SD or $14.99 in HD or 4K, respectively.

The storyline of “The Fast and the Furious.”

Dom Toretto is an angry guy who seeks vengeance on those who harmed him. So that he may accomplish his mission, he joins forces with an undercover police officer called Brian O’Conner. In their pursuit of justice for Vince, a mutual friend and ex-lover of Dom’s, the two build a solid fraternal relationship.

Is Fast and the Furious on Netflix

Dom and Brian enter a limitless realm in pursuing drug kingpin Carter Verone. If they want to make it, they’ll have to battle the police, other street racers, and perhaps each other. Rob Cohen, who previously directed the 2006 film The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, helmed this action flick.

The action in The Fast and the Furious is nonstop and frantic. Despite the corniness of some of Vin Diesel’s lines, they work well within the context of Dominic Toretto’s persona. Paul Walker is believable as Brian O’Conner; unlike Vin Diesel’s Domin, he’s more of a regular guy in this part.


What is the total number of Fast & Furious films?

There have been nine films in the Fast and Furious series, with another set to be published in cinemas shortly. At least four additional films are being developed, with releases planned for the following years.

Is the Fast and the Furious series available on Amazon Prime or Netflix?

The Fast Saga began with the premiere of The Fast and the Furious in 2001. Unfortunately, neither Netflix nor Amazon Prime has this title.

Where can I watch Fast and the Furious on Hulu?

If you’re in the United States and want to see Fast and the Furious, you’ll have to resort to Netflix since it’s unavailable on Hulu.

For what reason isn’t The Fast and the Furious available on Netflix?

Netflix restricts access to its collection based on a user’s location. Without a virtual private network (VPN), you won’t be able to view The Fast and the Furious on Netflix if it isn’t accessible in your country.

What was Fast & Furious’ original name?

Redline was the working title for this movie until they decided to alter it to The Fast and the Furious. Roger Corman granted Universal a license to use the name The Fast and the Furious from his 1954 picture of the same name since both movies are about races.



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