Wanderlust in Oaxaca City: A Traveler’s Guide to the City’s Unique Neighborhoods


Steeped in rich history and adorned with a vibrant tapestry of diverse cultures, Oaxaca City beckons travelers with a unique allure that’s hard to resist. This bustling city, renowned as a popular travel destination, boasts a myriad of experiences from its stunning architecture to enticing gastronomy.

This blog post serves as your guide to discovering the neighborhoods that make up the heartbeat of Oaxaca City, revealing their distinct charm and vibrant personalities. It will also guide you in choosing the best places to stay in Oaxaca to help you plan your whole trip.

Exploring Oaxaca City’s Unique Neighborhoods

From the timeless allure of Centro Histórico to the hidden treasures of Jalatlaco and the harmonious blend of serenity and vibrancy in Xochimilco, Oaxaca City’s neighborhoods offer an extraordinary journey into the heart and soul of the region.

Centro Histórico (Historical Center)

Embodying the essence of Oaxaca, the Historical Center, or Centro Histórico, sets the stage for a trip back in time. This neighborhood’s soulful streets echo tales of history, teeming with heritage sites and architectural gems. As you traverse its vibrant markets, the tantalizing aroma of street food fills the air, showcasing Oaxaca’s gastronomic prowess. Art enthusiasts will find a haven here, with its flourishing art scene and handcrafted artisan wares. Year-round, the area is enlivened with festivals and cultural events, adding to the effervescent spirit of the neighborhood.


Not far from the bustle, yet a world apart, lies Jalatlaco. Its cobblestone streets, flanked by preserved colonial architecture, have a charm that’s hard to put into words. Wandering around, you’ll discover the delight of local markets, where traditional food holds center stage. The area is also a bustling hub of creativity, with an abundance of artistic workshops and galleries to explore. Cultural events and local festivals further enhance the allure of this picturesque neighborhood.


For those seeking a blend of tranquility and vibrancy, Xochimilco, one of Oaxaca’s historical barrios, is the place to be. Characterized by colorful homes and inviting courtyards, it provides a visually stimulating journey. Its organic markets and local eateries introduce travelers to the nuances of Oaxacan flavors. The neighborhood also stands out for its eclectic art scene, while its calendar is marked with cultural festivals and events that bring the community together.

Recommendations: Best Areas to Stay

Vacation rentals in Oaxaca offer a personalized and immersive experience, unlike conventional hotel stays. When choosing a neighborhood for your Oaxaca lodging, consider factors like proximity to key attractions, the local vibe, and the experiences you hope to gather from your trip.

Centro Histórico

Among the best places to stay in Oaxaca, Centro Histórico stands out for its convenience and accessibility. It’s the epicenter of city life, putting key attractions within an arm’s reach. Its energetic ambiance, steeped in history, provides an experience that is authentically Oaxacan.


For those seeking serenity with a historic charm, Jalatlaco provides the perfect backdrop. The close-knit community vibe offers a glimpse into local life. Its old-world charm coupled with modern comforts make it an excellent option for places to stay in Oaxaca.


Offering a bohemian atmosphere, Xochimilco makes for an enticing stay. This neighborhood boasts scenic views and tranquil spaces, an appealing contrast to the city’s bustling center. It’s the ideal locale for those seeking a relaxed pace, yet remaining close to the heart of Oaxaca.

Why Vacation Rentals are the Best Places to Stay in Oaxaca City

Vacation rentals offer an enriching, comfortable, and authentic way to experience Oaxaca City. They allow you to feel the pulse of the city, live like a local, and enjoy a memorable stay in this vibrant and diverse Mexican city.

An Authentic Local Experience

One of the key reasons vacation rentals in Oaxaca are a top choice for travelers is the authentic local experience they offer. Unlike conventional hotels that often have a generic, international style, vacation rentals reflect the unique character and charm of the city. Many of these rentals are located within residential areas, allowing travelers to feel as though they’re part of the local community, rather than just passing visitors.

Home Comforts and Privacy

With vacation rentals, you’ll find all the comforts of home – a place to relax, separate bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and often a private outdoor space. For families and groups, the additional space provides room to spread out, enjoy meals together, and relax in private after a day of exploring Oaxaca City.

Personalized and Unique Accommodations

Unlike standard hotel rooms, vacation rentals in Oaxaca are diverse and unique. You might find yourself in a traditional colonial house, a modern city apartment, or a quirky artist’s loft. This variety not only adds an element of surprise to your stay but also allows you to choose a rental that aligns with your personal style and preferences.

Value for Money

When you’re considering the best places to stay in Oaxaca, vacation rentals often provide exceptional value. For similar, or often less, cost than a hotel room, you can have an entire home or apartment at your disposal. This often makes vacation rentals a more economical choice, particularly for longer stays or for those traveling as a family or group.

The allure of Oaxaca City lies in the diversity and charm of its distinct neighborhoods. Each one, with its unique experiences, contributes to the city’s vibrant tapestry, inviting you to explore and discover. As you embark on your journey, you’ll find it impossible not to fall in love with the city and its endearing neighborhoods. Whether you’re delving into the past in Centro Histórico, savoring tranquility in Jalatlaco, or immersing in the bohemian vibe of Xochimilco, your Oaxaca adventure is sure to be unforgettable. So, pack your bags, choose your ideal vacation rental, and embrace the mesmerizing journey that awaits in Oaxaca City.


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