Wentworth Season 7: Release Date And More Updates For You!

Have the details and release date of Wentworth Season 7!

Wentworth Season 7

The Best TV show on Australian television, it’s twisted and very unpredictable. They know better how to introduce new characters to keep it fresh and mind-blowing. This show is amazing like the story is freaking crazy.

Now the show has been going deep for its seventh season. Previous seasons are going good and got a good response from the fans. Now, this show is again renewed for its seventh season. Fans are getting much excited after hearing about the Wentworth Season 7.

The final episode of the 6th season left the audience at a very adventurous point. Therefore, all the audience want to know eagerly what will happen in the upcoming season.

And it is expected that the Wentworth Season 7 will start from where it has left the story. In previous episodes, you have seen Bea Smith kills the Jake Holt. The upcoming seventh season will shed light on the life of Vera.

Now it’s time to reveal that while the Vera is going to expect or not as she is pregnant with the baby of Jake. Therefore, all of you may know about the feelings of Vera about Jake so it will be so wonderful to watch how the things will turn in the new season.

Another interesting point in the previous season is a box in which Will, Jake, and Vera will keep the body of Joan. Now let’s see what this will appear in upcoming episodes.

So just watch the Wentworth Season 7 soon. Because it will be airing on 28th May 2019 with its amazing cast and their wonderfully filming scenes.


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