Westworld Season 3: Breaking Down New Trailer

Westworld Season 3

Fans are excited to see a new trailer of their favorite show Westworld season 3. The trailer released just a few days back, and the teaser revealed that the series would move into a different direction.

Fans are speculating about the teaser and seem horizons will pushed further in the show. It is like artificial intelligence could be walking in the real world. There could be some worse consequences in the third installment. Moreover, many speculations are coming about Dolores star who has managed to escape the Westworld park. This series will explore the journey of Dolores.

However, there is not too much information revealed. The trailer also shows that the world has developed more advanced technology. Last few seconds of the teaser showed the appearance of Dolores. So fans will come back to the question of humanity’s relationship with intelligent robots.

One of the exciting features is the new addition of a new character named Aaron Paul. Most of the footage focuses on this new star, wandering in the city with a monologue running in the background in his voice.

Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy said everything has planned for the Westworld season 3. showrunners also said series would lead into a big conflict. That’s mean stakes will get higher for and other robots that escaped from the park.

Still, no official release date is announced yet by HBO for Westworld season 3. We must wait until 2021 and see how the story develop.


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