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westworld season 3

After the appreciating end of “Game of Thrones,” the HBO requires another amazing show that can cover the gap of the ended show. Westworld is one of the most ambitious television projects ever that wildly succeed.

It’s got a meticulously calculated narrative that immerses you in a world of sci-fi insanity full of compelling, complex characters brought to life by the strongest ensemble on television right now. It’s a story with a vast scope and larger than life storytelling about a life form whose potential far exceeds our own, and the path their journeys will take them.

Therefore, HBO also does not want to delay more the Westworld 3. The channel also getting more anticipated as the fans of the show are.

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The series has captured the imagination of millions of people in the world about the future of mankind. It’s not like the other sci-fi movies where there happens to be some kind of destructive alien invasion and mankind is able to survive it.

This series takes you to a whole another level of science and day-by-day growing technology. This will make you question your reality, whether the choices and the decisions you make in your life are your own or you were programmed to make them by our creator. Also, the series will let you with tons of questions which probably no one in the world at least for now will able to answer them.

Talking about the cinematography, it is stunning. The series is shot in a various different location like in Utah or in California.

Westworld Season 3 Release Date

The Westworld 3 will be going to release in 2020. And it is expected that this upcoming show will be topping series of the HBO in the upcoming year. But this will sad the fans as they have to wait for more months to have the show on cinema screens.

Westworld 3 Star Cast

The cast of the series is perfect. It’s really beautiful to watch the way they have represented everything. The main cast will include the characters like Dolores Abernathy, Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden, Maeve Millay, Ed Harris, Dr. Robert Ford Hopkins, Jeffrey Wright, Thandie Newton, and Shannon Woodward.

Westworld 3 Trailer

But do not let you down. As always Usupdates will always up-to-date its visitors with the latest information and the details. Therefore, here I will have the recently released trailer for Westworld 3 that will show you some shots of the movie.

Have a look below and enjoy!


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