What Would Happen in Shadowhunters Season 4?

Shadowhunters Season 4

The fans of Shadowhunters have made rigorous efforts and launch a campaign to save their favorite show. They want to get the more of this show.  Now Freeform tv is going to air conclusion of Season 3. It means fans failed to save the show and they will have to see final glimpse of Season 4 in the finale of Season 3.

There were many spoilers on the internet regarding Shadowhunters Season 4.  After so much speculation regarding the final story, it seems that nothing left to speculate. But showrunners Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer made it clear that there are many surprises and aww moments which you are going to enjoy. If you think that you know what is coming next in the show, then you have to guess again.

The Showrunner revealed, what the fan can expect, they said that they discussed storylines beyond Season 3. Now the conclusion episode will deal with Magnus and Alec. The dark Magnus is the focal point of the show and a huge part of Season 4.

Alec is going to bring him back from the dark side, and this new is quite refreshing for the fans. Another star which will get prominent space in the show is Jonathan Morgenstern/ Like Baines.  He will be worse than usual. Fans will be surprised to see his darkest part on the big screen.

According to showrunners, things are getting started for Luke, so it was quite hard for him to finalize the character. There were so many stories to tell and explain, yet.

The conclusion of Season 3 is going to air on Monday 6 May very last time on FreeForm. You can also watch a finale episode on Netflix UK.


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