Tricks To Succeed When Choosing Paint To Decorate Your Walls

Paint To Decorate Your Walls

Paint is one of the elements that most define a home, giving it its own style and personality. If you are thinking of giving your home a new look, take a look at some very useful tips when choosing the paint to decorate your walls for each room, because the properties and shades of the one you choose will be two key aspects when it comes to achieving the results. what do you want?

Not all paintings are the same. In addition to the almost infinite possible colors, there are also different types of paints that you should know to know which one will give you the best results in each room. It is not the same to paint a kitchen or a bathroom than a bedroom or living room.

Factors that you should take into account when choosing paint

There are many elements that should be weighed before deciding on a type of paint to decorate your walls, something that is not entirely simple given the multitude of similar products that you have on the market. Among those aspects that you have to consider are:

The size and lighting of the room

The available space is one of the keys to finding the most suitable paint to decorate your walls in each case. As a general rule, light tones achieve a feeling of greater space, while darker tones visually subtract space. In addition to the square meters, it matters, and a lot, the sources of natural light that that room has. A small room, but with large windows, will better support dark tones than one that does not have direct natural light. An example, do you want to paint a storage room, generally small and dark? … white is almost “mandatory”.

The decorative style

The decorative style you or house painter choose with which you must seek maximum harmony and balance. Before choosing the paint to decorate your walls, think about how you are going to decorate that room. A classic living room, with voluminous and robust furniture, calls for walls that provide lightness. Light tones: light blue, mauve, beige, soft ocher… will go very well, while the range of browns and dark grays, perhaps, contributes to overload that space and make it less pleasant. In this sense, do not forget to take into account future textiles that you will incorporate into each room: curtains, rugs, cushions … you can use the paint as you prefer: either to enhance these elements (choosing neutral tones that make them stand out) or opting for a color that creates a perfect harmony with them (from the same tones), thus managing to integrate them into the space itself, making them almost go unnoticed.

The use that you are going to give each space

The color of the paint to decorate your walls conveys sensations. Keep this in mind when choosing paint, because the tones of the walls of a room can even influence the mood of those who are in it. A soft pastel blue can go great for a bedroom where you want an environment that invites relaxation, while a bright and bright red can go perfect in a modern kitchen where you want to bring joy and dynamism.

The properties and finish of each type of paint also matter

Do not look only at the tones that you like the most and that you think are ideal for your home. There are different types of paintings, with important characteristics that you should know so as not to make mistakes when choosing them.

First of all, you must discover and assess the composition of each painting, because the final finish and its greater or lesser durability will largely depend on it. You have plastic water-based paints, the most common and the ones that give the best result in the decoration of interior walls that do not require special care (living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, corridors …). If your looks are already painted in the same tone that you have chosen, but you want to revive the color and eliminate the deterioration typical of the passage of time, a monolayer paint of this type will be worth it. If your wall is very deteriorated, opt, better for one that requires double application. You can also choose synthetic or acrylic paints, more resistant, ideal for bathrooms and kitchens (you even have them to paint tiles and avoid chipping and having to remove them) and also available in a matte or glossy finish. Remember that a glossy finish requires a wall in perfect condition, absolutely smooth, to prevent possible imperfections from standing out more than is desirable. Among the newest paints are ecological ones, free of solvents and of any substance that could be toxic.

Some decorative ideas inspired by the latest trends

In any house renovation, painting is one of the most “grateful” items and which, surely, you will enjoy the most. A new painting is capable of transforming any room and among the latest trends that can serve as inspiration you have:

The tones that bring nature to each room are more fashionable than ever. For example, green is imposed, in any of its thousand shades, from the darkest, which take us inside a forest, to lime green, for ultra-modern and groundbreaking spaces. Also the reddish and brown ones that remind of autumn, are tenure like the blue ones, from pastel blue to night blue … they are proposals that have come with force in 2019.

At the decorative level, the contrasts gain prominence. A wall painted in a different tonality from the rest of those that make up the room, to capture visual attention, or a point of color, perhaps framing windows and doors are two solutions that add an original note of extra color.  

As the latest and innovative proposal, paint reaches the walls of kitchens and bathrooms, which are tiled only halfway through and, after a beautiful border, they bet, at the top, on color in the form of paint in bright tones such as red, burgundy, or yellows.


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