Why to install Magento 2 Mirasvit Elasticsearch Extension


Providing a seamless and efficient shopping experience for your customers is a crucial competitive advantage for any ecommerce store. You can significantly enhance a shopping journey in your store with the Elastic Search for Magento 2 extension. This tool helps customers to find what they want, increasing the number of orders for you.

Improved Search Functionality

The default Magento may offer limited capabilities for searching products. When a customer is unable to find what he wants or it takes too much time and efforts he may leave your store.

Search capabilities in a default Magento installation rely on MySQL, which may not always deliver the best search results. An Elasticsearch search engine is much more capable when compared to it. It is specifically designed for high-performance and full-text search.

By integrating Elasticsearch into your Magento store, you can provide your customers with a vastly improved search functionality.

Customers can expect quick and accurate search results when they visit your store if Mirasvit Elasticseatch extension is installed. Its advanced search capabilities enable your customers to find products faster, whether it is on mobile or desktop. For example, it autocompletes the search query, automatically corrects typing errors, and searches on all in-store pages. All of this leads to higher customer satisfaction and increased sales.

Advanced Search Features

Mirasvit Elasticsearch extension offers a wide array of advanced search features that can transform the way customers navigate a Magento store.

Some of these features include:

  • Search for keywords in all product-related text, including its attributes.
  • Language independent search, which works equally excellent for any dialect.
  • Searching even if a query was provided with a typo.
  • Finding products when customer types product-related synonyms

By utilizing these advanced features, you can create a superior shopping experience that keeps customers coming back.

Simplifying search for customers

An online shop equipped with the Elasticsearch engine will always provide its customers with a relevant search result. Shoppers will not be left alone on the empty search result page.

Redirect for single search result

In case there in only one relevant result to customer search query, there is no need to show it specifically, making customer to manually navigate to it. The system can easily do this for the shopper, bringing him directly to the product page or any other page that was relevant to his query.

Redirect for disabled or removed products

A product catalog constantly evolves and updates, making some products to disappear from sale. However the pages of such products may still be found via in-store search.

Typically, for the pages of disabled or removed products a Magento will show a 404 error, leaving customer to deal with it.

It may be much better to redirect a customer to the in-store search rather than show him a 404 error. This way a customer may find another product to buy.

Help customers starting from Google

You can help your potential customers to find products they want even before they open your website. Simply incorporate the search results from your store on Google search page.

The Google Sitelinks Search Box is a dedicated functionality to help that allows users to search in-store information directly from Google.

Highlighting the search keywords

Lastly, make it easier for the shopper to ensure that the proposed search result is what he was looking for. The search engine highlights customer search query, allowing him to easily spot the required information on the product page.

Highlighting keywords within the search results provides context. Users can see how the search terms they entered are used within the content, which helps them assess whether a particular result is likely to contain the information they need.

Immediate visibility of the search keywords saves time and efforts required to find a product customer wants to buy.


Incorporating an Elasticsearch extension into your Magento store is a strategic move that can lead to significant improvements in search functionality.

A fast and relevant search is a key to increasing overall customer satisfaction and potential sales.

Consider installing an Elasticsearch extension in your online store and stand out in a competitive e-commerce landscape.


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