Will Dragon Ball Super Return in 2019?

Dragon Ball Super

Whenever we check news about the release of new episodes of Dragon Ball Super, then we explore many rumors all across the movie. The last Arc was pretty exciting, which left readers with a cliffhanger, they want to know what will happen next. I’m sure that Saiyans have more to tell about the story.

Fans of Guku can check Manga which is still releasing new chapter, most recently you can enjoy its latest Arc named Galactic Patrol Prisoner. This Arc has many secrets and twists, which will surprise you for sure. This new Arc is set after the Events of Dragon Ball Broly movie.

Last month, we got a leak about the episode schedule for Fuji TV, and this schedule made it clear that new episodes of Dragon Ball Super are in the production phase. Fans felt really bad later when Toe Animation said that all these claims of new events are nothing but rumors.

At the start of this month, fans got the news that Dragon Super 2 will come back at Goku Day on 9 May 2019. Toei animation might make some big announcements. However, all that was related to Dragon Ball Heroes and not with Dragon Ball Super. Fans got excited at first that their favorite show would come back, but later they felt irritated and disappointed about the wrong guess of a newsmaker.

As as far as the story of Dragon Ball Super is concerned, we might see Broly Arc which covers all those events which were missed in the movie. However, it is not yet confirmed, and info is based on an educated guess.

According to the latest news updates from multiple sources ( AnimeAjay, Geekdom101, and YonkoProd), Dragon Ball Super will make a come back in July 2019.


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