Younger Season 6 | Episode 1, “Big Day” | Review and Spoiler Ahead

Younger Season 6 Episode 1

Darren Star’s Comedy Drama, “Younger” Back on TV with its Season 6!

Younger is an American Comic Drama TV Series. It premiered for the first on March 31, 2015. Now, its Season 6 hits the TV world to enlight the dramatic realities of life through turns and twists filled with laughter and happiness.

Younger follows the story of a 40-years old divorced lady who has to look after and support her daughter. She tries to figure out a way to enhance her financial position so that she can support her daughter.

The series has completed its 5 seasons and now the season 6 has just started.

The Episode 1 entitled “Big Day” of Younger Season 6 premiered on 12 June 2019 on Land TV.

In episode one, Kelsey started a new chapter of her life as a publisher in the company. Kelsey’s new post will lead her to take a new outlook as well, may a bitch boss lady whose company is drowning in lose. Josh seems to be excited as he is going to be a father of Liza’s child. Later, the truth about Liza’s child paternity might upset him badly. Liza’s official announcement about her and Charles’ relationship might make Diana feel like the dead.

A lot more is on the way to happen in Younger Season 6. Keep Watching!


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