5 Best Free VPNs 2019 to Access Blocked Websites

VPN service

In a world of blocked websites, opt for VPNs. These come in handy when you want to browse websites that you are unable to access otherwise.

The best part of using a VPN is that it keeps your identity anonymous so you can visit all the sites you wish to without revealing your identity. Which btw makes them a perfect candidate to be used while making an online purchase. Because a Virtual Private Network enables users to create a secure connection with private networks using the public Internet.

I am an avid online shopper and pairing my Roku app with a VPN service helps ensure that I am protected through enhanced security.

I have been regularly making online transactions and payments via VPNs for the past two years. It is quite safe to use them.

The best free VPNs are:


A Canadian based VPN service provider, Tunnelbear works easily with Windows, Android, iOS and Mac OS. The major concern of a VPN user is security and Tunnelbear offers strong bit encryption for data authentication as well as retention. It operates in twenty countries including the USA, Canada, the UK, and Japan. The positive features that make Tunnelbear worth trying are:

  • Ease of use
  • Fun VPN to browse with
  • Strong encryption
  • Five users can connect to it simultaneously

However, limited usage acts as a con.


Based in Romania, this free VPN service is compatible with not just Windows, Mac and Android but Raspberry Pi and Linux as well. However, the latter ask of you for manual configuration. The user-friendly interface of the software coupled with the ease to set up makes it a hot favorite amongst users. And it’s free so yeah! CyberGhost is fast and quite reliable when it comes to protecting you against privacy invasion.

The VPN also comes with unlimited bandwidth. Guess who’s signing up for CyberGhost next? Yes, you are. The only downside to this VPN service is the not-so-free premium service. Which btw is not available in many areas. But who wants to spend money on a VPN service anyway?


Developed by a team of scientists and engineers from CERN, ProtonVPN is all about layers and layers of encryption and tunneling. This is a good feature, just to let you know.

Because encryption and tunneling help ensure that no one is able to guess your identity including your location. You create a profile that lets you access online sites and the interface of the profile with its ‘BOND’ like outlook make it a very safe choice. Better than many VPNs available out there. There are no bandwidth limits with ProtonVPN.

However, there is a downside to this service. The free version is not as fast as the paid-for version is. But it is not that slow to stop you from using it either.

The best part is that the security credentials of this VPN are very difficult to fault. So, you can feel safe while browsing online via this VPN. ProtonVPN also helps you eliminate any and every snoop or spy that you might be skeptical about.


ExpressVPN is famous for providing nothing but high-quality service. The software has a user-friendly website and very impressive features.

This VPN has blazing speed and is compatible with Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, and even gaming consoles.

The unlimited bandwidth and the ultra-fast speed that the VPN has to offer also make it a perfect candidate to be used for streaming online shows and movies.

No buffering during online streaming is what we all live for. Isn’t it? Subscribing to this free VPN service means that you get strong encryption, an amazing customer service and an ability to connect it to all your devices.


As shady and creepy the name might sound, the app is anything but that. Hide.me offers good security protection. In fact a very strong one with multiple layers of encryption. Moreover, there is an active community available at all times to help you with any troubleshooting issue. The support department is very fast and efficient in solving the queries. I had the experience of contacting their reps and it reminded me of the pleasant experience I had with Spectrum customer care reps. Apart from all that, the download speeds are excellent and there is no logging policy. However, the premium plan is a bit pricey. And you might have to shift to one as the free plan comes with a limited bandwidth.

If you do not find any of the above VPNs to your taste, there are many others like:

  • Hotspot Shield
  • Speedify
  • IPVanish


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