5 Mistakes That Cost Slot Machine Gamblers Their Bankroll


Slot machines are simple games that rely mostly on luck and consistency. However, just because the game is easy to understand, that doesn’t mean players make mistakes.

No matter what type of casino slots you choose to play, you should keep these 5 costly ideas out of your mind.

Mistake 1 – Playing Fast

Slots are one of the fastest games you can play. Many people try to use this speed to their advantage, knowing that they could make double their money in less time.

For example, if they pay $2 for a spin, and make 200 spins in an hour, you’re betting $400 for an hour’s game. The more you play the more likely you’ll win, right? Wrong.

Slot machines are designed to match the speed you are taking, as they calculate the amount of money put into the machine over a certain amount of time. Each machine is different, but let’s assume the one we are playing on will take a 6% cut every hour.

If you lose 6% in your $400 bet, you will lose $24. If you played at double the speed, you would pay $800 and lose $48 per hour instead. As your spins increase, your likelihood of losing increases too.

Of course, this doesn’t take into account the mini-games or strategy prizes you may be whizzing past either.

Mistake 2 – Ignoring Jackpots

Because slots are designed to slowly chip away at your money, the best way to win is to pick a machine with good jackpots. The likelihood of you winning this high figure is low, however, the base game will have the same statistics as the rest.

This means picking a low jackpot machine will have no benefit to you. Instead, you should pick high jackpot games just in case you get lucky and hit the money.

Ignoring the jackpots completely means missing out on the best part of the game, so make sure to take these large figures into account.

The more people who play these big winning games, the more likely you are to reach that jackpot.

Mistake 3 – Thinking Your Strategy Guarantees A Win

Lots of people believe that their system for taking on a slot machine is foolproof. However, when push comes to shove, their ideas are not as game-changing as you think.

To understand why this happens, you need to know how these machines work. They are programmed using a random number generator which changes based on a set time.

The program uses that figure to learn how much money you are putting into the system and therefore how much it should return.

Because it is programmed, some people think they can count out the payment figures and therefore learn how much they should pay before moving on to another game. 

However, as we said before, the figure is random and changes based on set times. 

This is why counting the pull of a lever will not give you a real insight into the length of time needed to get the jackpot.

Because of this, you should avoid paying for any system cheating strategies. They won’t be worth the money.

Mistake 4 – Thinking The Slot Machines Are Rigged

Just because the system has a randomized system in which you cannot create a decent strategy to beat, doesn’t mean that the game is rigged.

Being rigged means it’s impossible to win, or it goes toward a certain person’s (or computer’s) favor. Rigged games are not legal, as the player has to be in with a shot of winning, even if that shot is low.

However, just like a shop, casinos need to make a profit. This means that slots are more likely to win against you than you are to win against them. This is a legal programming design as it follows the same structure as other entertainment and shops.

If the casinos try to rig their games, they will act illegally and will lose their license once caught. This means shutting down the franchise and losing billions in the process, just to get another couple of dollars from you.

It doesn’t make sense for a casino company to rig their games, as they can make profits without breaking the law.

However, many people believe that if a machine is rigged, they can use that cheating code to work in their favor. But, as we said before in Mistake 3, there isn’t a strategy in slot machines that can truly help you win. The game is random.

Mistake 5 – Thinking That Slots With Bigger Wagers Will Give Better Payouts

Although we said you should consider jackpots, you shouldn’t expect the same thought process in wagers. 

The reason we want to consider jackpots is because the likelihood of winning these games hasn’t changed, and the likelihood of getting the jackpot hasn’t changed either. This means you might as well go for the biggest pot.

However, the same idea can’t be used for slots with bigger wagers. 

If the first slot machine costs $2 to play, but the second one costs $4, that doesn’t mean the $4 has double the likelihood of winning. Instead, they both have the same random figure for the computer to work on. The system doesn’t count how much money you put into it, but instead, it counts the amount of times you spin.

Let’s say you need to make 500 spins to reach the jackpot. That figure will be the same for the $2 slot machine and the $4 slot machine. By the time you reach the jackpot, you will be $800 down instead of $400. 

And of course, you don’t know when that jackpot is coming, so you may end up giving up before the prize bell wins.

Bigger wagers don’t mean bigger prizes either. It’s better to spin often and low, than rarely and expensive.


Avoiding these mistakes can help you stay focused on your slot machine journey. Remember that the game is random, aim for large jackpots, and play often in small payments.


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