Alita : Battle Angel 2 Release Date : Why Fans want its Sequel?

Alita : Battle Angel 2

Alita Battle Angel was released in 2019 and people enjoyed every moment of this battle. James Cameron created this movie and he gave a hint that there might be a sequel. It is not only the creator who wanted a sequel of this movie but it is also the fans who want to see what will happen with the villain of the story and how Alita manage the battle.

Today, I’m here to provide you some updates about Alita Battle Angel 2 release date and also give you some reasons due to which we can expect another battle of Alita in upcoming years.

As far as the release date of the movie is concerned, we know that the creator has a script for its sequel. James will work on it very soon. Production of the sequel is yet to begin. Therefore, we can expect the release date of the movie in 2021.

Revenge is a Must

People who have watched the movie know very well that Nova- who is the main villain of the movie remained in the shadows until the dead. Edward Nortan is playing this incredible monster role in the film. We come to get info of Nova at the very end and therefore it is not wrong to expect a deadly battle between Alita and Nova so she can take revenge from him.

Discovery of Zalem is Still Due

In the whole movie, creator teased fans with the city in the Sky- Zalem which is a paradise. We heard a lot about the city but watched only a few glimpses of it. Therefore, fans are curious about this city. Hugo- Alita’s love fell down from the sky while he was trying to climb the wires which would lead him to the Zalem. So, it is important for us to know what this city is hiding.

Movie has high potential

In this movie, fans get a chance to explore a wide variety of amazing building such as Zalem City, Hydro-wall, the factory, the motorball arena, the Iron City and the Scrapyard. It’s really fun to explore this fantasy building. Creator amazed fans in many different ways like through building structures, battle style, character diversity, and cinematography. When you watch the first movie, you feel inside that something is missing and yet to tell the audience. As this movie has huge potential. Therefore, we are expecting its sequel.

As I told you before, James Camerson has a plan to bring Alita: Battle Angel 2. We can stick to its remaining story in upcoming years like in 2021 or 2022.


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