Nailed It Season 3 is Back on Netflix

Nailed It Season 3

Nailed it is a culinary competition show which is quite famous and exciting. It is fun to see some newbie to make some challenging cakes and desserts about which they have little or no practice. After its two successful seasons, this show is making a comeback on Netflix. Let’s get its release date and other info.

Nailed It Season 3 Mini-Episode

When this season will return on Netflix, fans will get a chance to see a mini-episode of 10 minutes which features the top ladies of Chilling Adventure of Sabrina: Kiernan Shipka, Muprinda Otto and Lucy Davis. Nicole Byer is hosting this episode and she will get dating advice from Sabrina’s cute women.

The main challenge is to make a dreamy man cake by using Nicholas Scratch, Lucifer, Harvey Kinkle or Glendale’s finest. They will get their cake mix. As the ladies nothing about this cake making the task, so you can expect a lot of mess and unexpected winner as it happens in other episodes of the Nailed it.

What will happen in Nailed it Season 3?

You can expect messes and mishaps at their best level in the upcoming episode. There is a promise that the major episode of the show will be based on pop-culture tributes. What is most exciting about the upcoming season is that it will bring more crossover than last seasons. We already have watched an amazing a Marvel day with legend Felicia day. The team is also working on the fashion-theme episode.

Another things which fan love about this show is guest judge appearance. We have got a list of guest judges for Nailed it Season 3, they include Felicia Day –Ep1, Natalie Sideserf- Ep2, Betsy Sodaro –Ep3, Rossana Pansino-ep4, Hubert Keller-ep5, and  Charles Phoenix-ep6.

The Kitchen Crime series is available to watch on Netflix. Don’t miss it.


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