All American Season 3: Cancelled Or Renewed?

Is there a third season of the CW show "All American" or not?

All American Season 3

The CW’s famous show of All American has released its second season on 7th October 2019. And there is no confirm news that the season may air its next season or not. All American is such a great show. It shows people a lot of things that maybe can’t be shown or told out loud sometimes. If we are expecting the third season then it may air out in 2020.

However, Netflix also got the right to stream the show. Therefore, season 1 of the series is available on Netflix. But to the users of Netflix will have to wait for more for season 2. Netflix will stream it when it has wrapped up on The CW.

It teaches you good life lessons and makes you feel more grateful for what you have in life. Some things coming with consequences and others with smiles. Also see the external and internal issues every individual uniquely went through from both worlds, the poor and the rich.

The acting in certain array of the show can get really corny at times but most of the young actors do really well outside of the football scenes. The two young females are killing it, not to mention they’re both gorgeous. This should show rightfully open up some doors for them. There are multiple side stories within the main story that keeps the show entertaining but for example, the part with the dad and the rapper girlfriend are just waste.

They just don’t bring value to the storyline and all-around kind of goofy. Football starts off as the main emphasis but quickly changes into more typical crazy high school drama which definitely brings character to the story.


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