Supernatural Season 15 Episode 1 Live Stream: Watch Online!

Supernatural Season 15 Episode 1: “Back and to the Future”, Preview!

Supernatural Season 15

Tonight “Supernatural” airing its 15th season now in cinemas. As all of you may know that Dean, Sam, and Castiel are again coming to defend the world from superpowers. In this season, all the spirits are going to release on earth this time and they have free right to kill anyone.

One thing that is most important about this sequel is that this may be the last out of the series. And there may be no more seasons for Supernatural. The show will wrap its content of the series after the last season 15. Here you will find some details about the upcoming episode of season 15.

  • Series: Supernatural
  • Title of Episode: Back and to Future
  • Air Date: 10th October 2019
  • Streaming Channel: CW Network

Supernatural Season 15 will set to air almost 20 episodes in this run. It also holds a record of the longest series in the period of American broadcasting history. Below, you will watch the trailer for Supernatural Season 15.

Below is another trailer of the series which reveals the whole journey of the show on the TV screen. Have a look:

The show itself is fantastic. The villains all have a unique storyline, some of which are based on biblical beliefs, with a twist to make it super interesting. Even though Supernatural is a horror/sci-fi fantasy show, it has some hints of humor in there, which makes it even better. The show also teaches us life lessons. Sam and Dean have been through so much for 15 years.

I hope that you will enjoy the series and don’t forget to comment below for letting me know about your response for Supernatural Season 15.


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