American Gods Season 4 Titbits Direct from Neil Gaiman

American Gods

Fans of fantasy tv shows have enjoyed two incredible seasons of American Gods. Since American Gods have renewed for Season 3 by Starz. Now it’s time to know whether there will be a fourth season. If you like to spend time in the old and new mix-up God’s world, then it’s time to know more about this show.

Neil Gaiman is the original creator of the show, he spoke with Deadline and provided some insight info regarding upcoming seasons of this famous Starz TV show.

American Gods is a series which let you enter into a supernatural world- which you don’t understand most of the time. There are some ancient Gods with their own sets of rules, and you get a chance to explore some new gods who have their unique religion. The best point is one when ancient gods mixed up with new ones.

The story begins when Shadow Moon is wandering in the supernatural world after the tragic death of his wife. He meets with a con man named Mr.Wednesday who offers his a bodyguard job. It’s when Shadow discovers a hidden side of American where magic is real. New Gods such as technology and media influence is a threat which Mr. Wednesday tries to combat well with the help of Old Gods. Mr.Wednesday has a plan to rebuild the power of old gods in the new world. So, it’s a kind of society which unlocks lots of surprises and things which people hardly understand.

American Gods Season 2 has concluded, and you can enjoy whole ten episodes of both season on Starz, whenever you want to enter into a supernatural world of drama, terror and belief.

Neil Gaiman told Deadline that he and his creative team of American God are making plans for a fourth Season.  He said:

We’re just breaking it down. Some of that is going over what we already planned for Season 3 and just figuring out how we’re doing Season 4, how many episodes it is, and what we’re delivering in the story by the end of Season 4.”

As fans didn’t watch Season 3 of American Gods yet, so it is right time to ask from Gaiman what to expect in the story of Season 3, he told that story will be a bit different from what you read in the book:

Like everything we’ve done with American Gods so far if you know the book, there will be lovely, satisfying things that will be happening that will fit into the things that you read in the book. Also if you know the book, there are things that we’re going to do that will surprise you, change things around, or change the way that something happened because this is television, and it’s not a book.”

Am I waiting for American Gods Season 3? Yes, I am. What you think about the show and do you like to watch the series till its fourth season?


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