Netflix On My Block Renewed for Season 3

On My Block

When you are looking for some comedy, fun, and drama at the same time then you simply watch On my Block. You can enjoy the first two seasons of this amazing high school tv series with unstoppable fun on Netflix. And if you wait a little more then there will be the third installment as well.

If you are in high-school or soon has a plan to move there then this coming-age comedy-drama will help you understand this new world quite easily. The story includes best friends i.e. Monse, Ruby, Jamal and Cesar who are trying to fit in the high-school and facing multiple life challenges. They experience pain, happiness, and newness of this world together.

As they are growing up, so they have to confront adolescence challenges especially when the are living around Hispanic and black neighborhood in South Central Los Angeles.

Youngster feels related to this series as they have to face all these life issues from time to time. It’s not to adjust in a difficult neighborhood and also to fit in a high school where every student has some sort of personal issue.

Are you following on the Block? Do you want to watch On my Block Season 3? Tell us what you think.


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