Arrow Season 8 will be the Final Season of Green-Hoodie Superhero

Arrow Season 8

Arrow Season 7 has been ended with unbelievable twists and storyline. Fans are becoming crazy about the next season. So, I have got its release date, cast, plot and other details so let’s check them out.

Although it is not confirmed but  Arrow Season 8 is going to hit The CW network in October 2019. This airdate is based on the fact that every new season of the show premier sometime in October. As you watch Arrow on Monday, so we can say that Arrow Season 8 might land on the CW on 7 or 14 October 2019. Its UK release date will follow the US release, so a few weeks after UK fans would be able to watch the show.

Time to Say Arrow a “Goodbye”

This news is confirmed that Arrow Season 8 will be the final season. There is no more season of the show coming later. This is terrible news for the fans who want more action and thrill From Stephen Amell-Arrow.

Since the final season of the show, so now the whole focus of the showrunner is to conclude the series.  What we know so far about the finale is that “Arrow will die a Hero death” and it is also in the rumors that Arrow will die while saving the Life of speedster –The Flash.

As far as the cast of the upcoming season is concerned, it is possible that we see different cross-over of super-girl and The flash with the Arrow, and we already enjoyed its previous cross-over. The Final season will put an end to a story, but there is no end for Superhero-Arrow. His stories and combat will remain in the mind of fans forever.

Typically, each season of Arrow has 22 or 23 episodes but Arrow Season 8 will only have ten episodes. So, fans would don’t like this episode-cut.  However, showrunner will try to add some fantastic twists and combats to give an idea of “Less is More” to the fans.

It is expected that Arrow Season 8 will start this October 2019. Let’s wait and see what is coming.


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