The Flash Season 5 Episode 22: Release Date, Platforms, Story Line of Finale Episode

The Flash Season 5

Well, there is no need to introduce the flash season that is one of the best American seasons. The fifth installment of the Flash season is reaching on its end. Twenty-one episodes have aired, and the next one is on your door. Let’s talk about the spoilers of the 22nd episode.

When The Flash Season 5 Episode 22 will release

the 21st episode has aired last week, and the 22nd episode was due this week. So The Flash season 5 chapter 22 will release on 14 May 2019.

Platforms for Watching the Flash season 5

It broadcast every Tuesday at 8 pm at the CW. The title of twenty-two episodes is  ” Legacy.” However, it is also available on the CW app, website. Besides, many other platforms are also available for online streaming such as Roku, Hulu, DirecTV.

What Will Happen in The Flash Season 5 Episode 22

As we saw in the previous ode, Cicada 2 had many plans, but she is missing many pieces. However, she gathers all the parts, and for that purpose, Grace helps her. Nora played a role and set up the device and known at that place that is CCPD.

All heroes battling for that device and Cisco was trying to hack the tool after that Barry uses the mirror gun and destroy the dagger.

Now let’s see what happen in the next episode. First, look at the upcoming episode promo.

In the episode, ” Legacy” that the final episode will feature the battle between Cicada 2 and Team Flash. Barry and Reverse Flash will confront each other that would be interesting.



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