Attack on Titan Chapter 117 release date and spoilers: Eren uses the War Hammer

attack on titan season 3 part 2

Fans are quite excited about Chapter 117 of Attack on Titan. If they are anxiously waiting for this episode, they are right since the hero of the show is in danger. Now they have to see what he will do to get out of this troublesome situation.

What to Expect from Chapter 117?

Attack on Titan chapter 116 ended where Eren caught by enemy Army. Now Eren has to deal with the Titan, and he will try to get rid of them with the mean of his arsenal. One of his deadly weapons is Lethal War Hammer. And he is going to use it in the upcoming episode.

Fans are excited to see War Hammer because it is the most dangerous Titan arsenal. This War hammer has the skill to produce structures from Titan flesh that’s tough.  Eren can use this hammer in many different ways to knock down his enemy.

In the last episode, we saw that Porco badly bites Eren’s leg, but Eren managed to save his limbs somehow. Now his first target titan would be Porco Galliard who turned into his form of Jaw Titan.

According to the latest spoiler, Eren has to think quickly to deal with Jaw Titan who got activated already in Chapter 116. The best shot for Eren at this point is to use his War Hammer. This weapon is a must for next episode especially when he Eren has to deal not only with Jaw Titan but also soldiers of the army. He can do much damage through this arsenal.  But some fans think that swords can be used to handle a Titan.

Release Date

Attack on Titan Chapter 117 is going to release on 9 May 2019.


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