Big Little Lies 2: Official Release date and Video Teaser

Big Little Lies 2

Official teaser of Big Little Lies 2 is available now, so you can watch and see how things are going to become in the sequel.  This miniseries brings my two favorite stars, i.e. Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon. I watched the show because of these two celebrities, and I never regret my decision. The first Season was excellent with full of suspense, heart-touching scenes, and fun. Now let’s talk about Big Little Lies 2 Release date and Video Teaser

If you have watched the big little lies Season 1 then you can get updates about Season 2 right from Instagram. There is an official Big Little Lies Instagram account which is made to keep the fans updated. So, follow them and see what will happen.

Release Date

I’m sure many of you want to know when this miniseries was coming back on HBO. So, its official release date is 6 June. It’s not far away; you guys have to wait for just one month. Meanwhile, you can see new and old cast photos and updates on Instagram.

Official Video Teaser

When you watch an official video which provides us first look at our favorite stars then the first thing you come to know that they are living their lives, but old secrets and lies are haunting them. It is clear that they will have to confront the police department again and have to keep their lies alike to make sure that no one gets caught in the process. Because if the police arrived suspicious, then they all have to face serious consequences.

Meryl Steep is the new addition for Season two, and she is going to play the role of Perry’s Mother. Nicole Kidman shared the picture of her first day at the shoot on Instagram, and in this picture, Meryl was sitting right beside with Celeste’s boys.

New Season with new Director

Jean-Marc Vallée directed season 1 of Big little Lies.  He said that already that if there would be another Season then he might break a beautiful thing. Therefore, he didn’t return for the Second Season. Now Big Little Lies Season 2 will be directed by Andrea Arnold.

Big Little lies Season 1 won Emmy Awards, and I’m sure that in the next installment we will have a lot more lies, secrets and suspense. What do you say?


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