Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray A Comprehensive Guide

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

Since you are reading this article, we believe that you are interested in knowing more about the Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray paint color. If you are thinking about repainting your office or renovating your house and need the suggestion, then you are in the right place. We will tell you almost everything about Benjamin Moore E.

Edgecomb Gray color. What kind of color is this, where to use it, and the detailed specification about this? However, we also show the comparison result between Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray and other related colors. After reading this article, your confusion will be clear, and you will know the major aspect of paint color.

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

If you have little knowledge about painting colors, you know how good Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray is and its popularity. Because of that reason we are willing to show you about this color today. Hopefully, you will read the whole article without skipping any parts. Now without wasting any time, let’s begin.


  • It’s pretty clear that the Edgecomb Gray has a very soft warmish, and uncluttered color.
  • If you like beige, then the good news is the Edgecomb Gray contains little beige also.
  • Besides, Edgecomb Gray will be an airy type pastel gray color.
  • If you put this color on your wall, you will get a vibrant feel in the presence of light. Where the light is natural or artificial doesn’t really matter. But the color can play gray and beige broad sometimes (depending on the amount of light)
  • Along with the creaminess or buttery taste, you will experience a docile flavored.


  • The Edgecomb Gray color has an excellent greenish undertone. If the green is not your favorite one, then nothing to worry about. The undertone is usual and not very contrary.
  • This kind of color from other companies also shows some bluish or violated undertone, but that’s an exceptional case.
  • If you don’t like that greenish undertone, there is a way to fix that problem. You have to set the suitable furniture which will make the greenish tone more light and decrease the contrast look.
  • If you feel confused, just talk to someone who already used that at his home. You can better understand that. Don’t rely on internet pictures only because those are well polished and not the honest look.

What color is similar to Edgecomb Gray?

If you take a close look, most of the Greige and gray colors are similar or close to Edgecomb Gray. The combined shade like purple, taupe or green undertones,

  • Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter,
  • Sherwin Williams Collonade Gray, and
  • SW Agreeable Gray

are quite similar. That’s why choosing Edgecomb gray gives you one in multiple colored variations.

Edgecomb Gray vs. Revere Pewter

We will find some interesting facts about those two if we set a comparison parameter between Edgecomb Gray and Revere Pewter. For instance, Revere Pewter can be well paired with Edgecomb Gray because of the crisp gray color. In addition to this, its gray becomes well synchronized with reds and blue.

Sherwin Williams Oyster White

Revere Pewter is a bit darker, where Edgecomb Gray is not that dark. Also, you can use half a percentage of Revere Pewter if you want them lighter. But, because of its splendid combination, it becomes one of the complementary colors of Edgecomb Gray. You can get a decent combination of incredible gray undertones if you mix and use them together.

Edgecomb Gray vs. Pale Oak

The compression between Edgecomb Gray and Pale Oak is indeed confusing. The two colors are gorgeous and give a nice feeling. Interestingly, both are by Benjamin Moore. Generally, Edgecomb is darker than Pale Oak. The LRV is 70. That’s why a brighter room with a natural source of lighting simply chooses Edgecomb Gray. In contrast, in a darker room with less light, Pale Oak is the right choice. However, homeowners prefer Edgecomb over Pale Oak.

Finding the Best Benjamin Moore

Depending on the necessities of the consumers, we can decide the best Benjamin Moore paint. That’s why we are using three factors to justify that.

  • If we look for ultra-premium paint, Aura Interior Paint would undoubtedly be the first choice. It provides incredible color depth with rich vibes. It uses a technology called Aura’s Color Lock that locks the pigments. That’s why you can experience a long-lasting quality of color. Because of this, interior designers prefer this paint.
  • If your preference is to get a long-lasting result, then you should pick Regal Select Interior. It is considered to be a premium paint with outstanding durability and time-tested quality.
  • And last but not least, Ben Interior Paint. It can provide you with an effortless painting experience. In addition to this, it can bring you flawless results with a long open time. Moreover, you can apply this quite easily without any hassle. Also, its incredible touch-up qualities will be worth every penny as a consumer.

How much time needs to dry out Benjamin Moore Edgecomb gray

Honestly, there is no particular answer to that question. If you think you will put a color on the wall and after a moment it will dry, remember this will not happen. Drying color also depends on the weather of the place. It won’t take much longer in the summer season, but that will be unpredictable in the rainy season. Whatever the case, you will find a regular data sheet on their website that contains the general idea of dying and drying time. You also get the color-wise data sheet where everything will be written perfectly.

Thus, here is the basic info for color about the timing of dying and drying as an example. We are using Aura® Waterborne Interior Paint – Matte Gallon Burnt Russet Russet 042 interior color specifications and detailed info for your better understanding.

Generally, it will take a full one hour or more to set to touch. Recoat timing will also be more or less one hour. For the entire curve, it will take 14 days. The color will cover 350-400 square ft per gallon. However, they recommend you to coat at least two times, but a single time is also okay.

Where Edgecomb Gray Suits the Best

By now, you probably have understood the characteristics and differences of Edgecomb Gray. Hence, the question comes, where can I use the paint? Which wall will portray the color best?

Well, many say bedroom, or dining room. However, from experience, we can say the kitchen and cabinet is the best place to work on. The warm gray tone gives a natural look which perfectly goes with Kitchen and cabinet.

You may also use it in the bedroom as well. The natural vibe of Edgecomb Gray HC-173 suits the best. After a long day, when you come into the bedroom, natural foot color will give you instant relaxation and a calm feeling.


1: Is Edgecomb Gray too beige?

Answer: Since we are talking about Edgecomb Gray, we cannot mention HC-173, a light, breezy gray with a warm undertone. Its golden, caramel color is the ideal balance of beige and gray. If you pay close attention, you’ll get to see the subtle undertones nicely portraying gray color.

2: What color is a shade lighter than Edgecomb Gray?

Answer: If you compare, we’ll see an Edgecomb Gray insignificantly deeper than the Pale Oak. It comes around 70 LRV.

3: Are baby fawn and Edgecomb Gray the same color?

Answer: If you see the color palette, the HC Edgecomb and OC-15 baby Fawn are the same faces of one coin. You can also find the historical off-white color in both as it is precisely positioned. Moreover, the depth of the color makes it one of the darkest colors between off-white.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to make your home look great. Grab Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray and get creative. Hopefully, we got everything about Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray. We tried to make you educated about the color, color comparison, and related stuff simply. So, do you want to use this color in your dream house? Let us know in the comment section. Besides, if we have any questions left, feel free to share them below.

Don’t forget to share with other homeowners. Check out our other articles on different colors like Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, Accessible Beige Sherwin Williams, and many more. Have a great day.


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