Big Bang Theory Season 12 Epi 22 “Maternal Conclusion” Air Date & More!

The Big Bang Theory Season 12 Episode 22: ‘The Maternal Conclusion’ Release Date And Details!

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory Season 12 Episode 22 is going to air this week on CBS. However, its episode 21 is recently released and fans are very excited after watching it. Now they are chasing more about the upcoming episode.

Here, I will tell you more about the upcoming episode and where you can watch and when t will be released.

However, the recent episode brings a problem for Dr. Pemberton performing as Kripke. He has got evidence for plagiarizing his research in the institute. This problem put Amy and Sheldon in a question that whether they have to keep Dr. Pemberton with them as a group member or not.

On the other side, Bernadette and Wolowitz recalling some old memories related to a cheesecake factory, when they work over there. And Wolowitz came to know that the girls working in the factory start liking him.

Now I will tell you something about the new episode ahead.

Now the season going ahead 21 episodes of the 12th season. Whereas the next 22nd episode of season 12 will release in next week.

Thus it will be airing on CBS on 9th May 2019. The episode will be coming on each Thursday at 8:00 PM. And it will title as “Maternal Conclusion”.

Besides the CBS broadcasting, the viewers can have direct access to the TV series by login to the CBS app. And it will give you an easy and a reliable stream for the show.

Apart from these channels, the users can also watch streaming for Big Bang Theory Season 12 via Hulu and Roku. Because these are approaching the CBS directly and showing the series according to the tine as mentioned.

Big Bang Theory Season 12 Episode 22 Promo

Here you can find a promo for the next episode to get some idea what will happen next?


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