Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4: ” Will Jon Snow Kill Cersei? or Will Arya kill her with Green Eyes”

Game of Thrones

Well as all we are waiting for the finale where decided who will rule on the Seven Kingdoms. The episode four of this final season will decide the fate of Westeros and episode go in motion where the final quest solved.

Will Jon Snow kill Cersei in Season 8 Episode 4?

As we know Cersei is one of the powerful characters of Game of Thrones and formed many alliances over the years. However, Alliance with Wuron gives access to a massive army, and it will help her to fight with the Northerners.

According to the fan theory, Jon Snow will kill Cersei in episode four because he did not make any special action until the third episode. However, he shouted at an undead dragon in the previous chapter.

Will Arya kill Cersei with Green Eyes?

However, according to Melisandre, Arya will kill many people with green, blue, brown eye colors. Some spoilers are saying Cersei, Arya will kill her with Green eyes. So let’s see will she really Arya’s final victim.

So this is a controversial issue, but it will clear in after episode four.

Leaked Photo Spoilers

So the epic clash finally comes in episode three and now the season is focusing on main things. As you know the Starks and Daenerys are on one side and Cersei and her army, the Golden company on another side. In a leaked photo, Cersei looks so confident around red.
After the battle of Winterfell, we will see more deaths in this weekend. It is expecting that both sides will prepare for a fight.

According to Forbes leaked photo: Dany is lined up with all her members in a row in which Jacob, Conleth, Nathalie, Emilia, and Peter included while Northmen and Unsullied are standing behind them.

When is Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 coming?

The big battle episode 4 is coming on May 5, 2019. It is 78 minutes long episode while the last two episodes will be 80 minutes long. It will broadcast on HBO and Sky Atlantic in the United States at 9 pm. Moreover, in the UK, fans will be able to watch GOT at 2 am on Monday.


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