DC Comics Search For ‘Mercy Graves’ Ends With ‘Natalie Gumede’ in Titans 2!

Who is the Mercy Graves and why she is in season 2, come to know here!

Titans Season 2

Titans’ season 2 is airing now and Natalie Gumede is set as Mercy Graves. As all of you may know that the first season of Titans was premiered with the final close up finale on 21st December. Moreover, Titans Season 1 brings several new DC villains and heroes.

However, at the event of Comic-Con, the producer of the show Geoff Johns confirming about the season 2 of the series. And now they have aired the second season along with the new faces and more.

Whereas, all the characters that are introducing in the second season are performing well. And fans are very amazed after having astonishing stunts by the whole cast.

However, these marvelous characters may include:

  • Chelsea T. Zhang will perform as Rose Wilson
  • Natalie Gumede will perform as Mercy Graves
  • Jorah Monument will perform as Bruce Wayne
  • Esai Morales will perform as Wilson
  • Jericho will perform as the Chella Man’s son

Initially, the character of Mercy Graves was introduced in 1996 in some episodes of Spiderman, an anime series of Disney. After that, the series was included in the DC Comics and began as the bodyguard of Lex Luthor.

Now in Titans season 2, Luthor is the more attentive character of the series. Moreover, the raisers of the Titans were assuming the Mercy Graves as the cloud and a bodyguard who can save the disreputable Lex Luthor. And serving the Luthor as an obeyed employee.

Moreover, Mercy has a strong family connection with the Luthor. As she is his family friend from his young age.


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