‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 16: Couple Drama, Power Shifts & More Trailer Takeaways!

'Grey's Anatomy' Season 16: Couple Drama, Power Shifts & More Trailer Takeaways!

Grey's Anatomy' Season 16

The “Grey’s Anatomy” is an upcoming medical show that has released its 15 seasons previously. It is a long-tailed series which is now going for another 16th season by the ABC. Unlike other hospital shows that depict the mostly steady stereotypical lives of doctors.

However, this show takes you on a crazy ride down the train wreck of their lives.  It’s very entertaining and a great watch but pumps a forced message in every episode that gets a little tiring at times.

This show is the best show to hit day time TV. This show revolves around the strong female lead Dr. Meredith Gray. Every episode is something different but the characters continue to progress and grow as the show goes on.

Even though the show has lost amazing characters, Dr. Shepard, the show still continues to thrive and be amazing. If you like soap operas, telenovelas, dramas, or anything great than it is best for you.

Moreover, this show has something for everyone and the general public agrees to ads to season 16 coming soon. Also, don’t quit the show with all the doctors leaving/or dying such as Doctors Sloan, Torres, Robbins, L.Grey.

Overall it is a great show that was very entertaining and worth the binge as long as you’re solely looking for entertainment with minimal realism.

Keep watching the show and it will get better, and it gets funnier.


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