DIY Tips and Tricks for Pool Repair Like a Pro

Pool Repair

More often than not, your regular pool repair issues are too common that sometimes the solutions are in your hands. Yes, your own hands, and you would not require to call a pool repair service by a professional. 

So what are these common pool problems that you can fix? Red until the end to get familiarized with these. So next time, you will not need to panic, and you will fix it without you sweating the small stuff.

Quick Tips on How to Repair Your Pool Like a You Are a Pro

Dive into this list. Awesome tricks about saving costs on repairs and producing results like a pro handled a job, all these ahead!

Fixing Holes in the Pool Liners

The first in this list is quite common, which occurs on the linings of the pool. If you got a vinyl swimming pool, then this is common. Moreover, a hole in a pool floor cover or the lining is most common for an above-ground pool. So if you fall into both categories, you must pay attention to this first tip.

The fix you need here is to patch the linings. You need to use pool plaster, and your pool plaster kit can be available in your construction supply store. A plastering kit will have a plaster mix that works underwater and a mixing trowel.

Often this problem will result in a swampy pool surrounding. What used to be a grassy deck or backyard pool landscapes later have watery surfaces like another mini pool coming to life on one spot in your backyard beside the swimming pool.

This is because the pool lining hole creates an exit for the water from the swimming pool basin to come out. An even quicker fix to this is to use highly heavy-duty duct tape. Yes. Duct tape will do the trick, especially if you must immediately stop the water from gushing out for the school’s underlining. But you must have the plastering kit afterward to provide a more permanent fix. 

Suppose you found a more severe hole, then it is the only time you call your local reputable pool repair pros.

Unclogging Pool Skimmer Lines

Every type and shape of swimming pool will have a pool skimmer. What it does is draw water from the pool’s surface going to the pool water system. It is the first line of defense for cleaning water in your pool.

Thus, The skimmer can be clogged often by leaves and other small debris like pieces of twigs and even tiny pebbles or granules of rocks or giant sand. When the skimmer gets blocked by tiny objects, you need to add pressure to it to suck out the objects by force and bring them to the filtration systems. 

So what is the trick to add pressure? The answer is a garden hose. You need a nozzle that will tighten the water pressure and clean the clogs using it. You d not need to call an expert. Your garden hose will suffice.

When you unclog the skimmer, turn off the pool pump, remove the lid, and take out the skimmer basket to clean using the blast of water from your hose.

Concrete Pool Leaks

If you have swimming pools built with concrete pool linings, then leaks are often caused by faulty structures. But other causes may be due to its fittings around the lights or the skimmer attached to the concrete pool lining. 

If this is the cause of leaks, then you can DIY repair it by applying a silicone caulk. It is another specialized material that is made to patch a leak on a surface submerged under water.

A silicone caulk mix is readily available from a local construction supplier. Make sure to mention that you need a caulk patch for a leaking concrete pool lining. An instruction manual will guide you on how to use the material effectively.

But if you see a more severe cause of the leaks, then it is time for the pool to be treated by a Swimming pool repair St Louis expert. You can find one in St. Louis by visiting a pool company website like Reputable local pool contractors will be willing to give a free evaluation of the damages in your pool property.

Maintaining Pool Chemical Balance

For sure, a dirty swimming pool is not only undesirable but it is also unsafe. That said, having clean swimming pool water is essential. And the best what to maintain clean and clear water for swimming is to keep the proper water chemical balance in the pool. 

Pool owners should know how to get balanced pool chemistry when it is time to change the pool water. But the first thing you must do to maintain a clean pool is simply cleaning. 

You only need to prepare your pool cleaning tools: a leaf rake, pool vacuum, and a good pool brush. Nothing beats the trick of regular manual cleaning.

But to make life easy and for you to not sweat cleaning a pool, especially if it is a public pool where it can be massive, then the trick is to get an automatic pool vacuum. 

A robotic pool vacuum is every DIY pool cleaner’s best friend. So it is best to have yourself invest in automated cleaning tools. It will save you time and save fees on costly professional cleaning services. 


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