Easy Landscaping Ideas For Front Of House

easy landscaping ideas for front of house

Landscaping is a way to express your appearance through your house. This process helps to increase the beauty of the front yard by adding plants, rocks, or any other materials. Some people find landscaping hard and expensive. But the truth is, landscaping is easier than you think. Today we are sharing some easy landscaping ideas for front of house and by the end of this article, you will be able to make your dream front yard by yourself.

What is landscaping?

Landscaping is a process to increase the beauty of the front yard or garden. With the help of elements like flora, trees, shrubs you can make your house, garden, or front yard extremely beautiful. Landscaping is basically the activity of modifying gardening by the art and craft of growing plants.

Landscaping is more like changing the piece of land in front of your place to improve its appearance. A perfect balance of line, form, variety, texture, simplicity, sequence, color, scale, and elements of unity can create an aesthetic and perfect design for landscaping.

Easy landscaping ideas for beginners

Some people think that landscaping is complex and requires a lot of work. That’s definitely not true. If you are a beginner, then ½ hours of work per day is enough. Landscaping is all about passion and patience. It can also be overwhelming sometimes.

At first, you need to determine what you actually want or need. You need to choose if you want a straight line or path cure. You may want some kind of extra accessories like birdbaths, benches, etc. There are some other basic needs like growing vegetables or playing space. These should be decided in the beginning. Then you need to focus on choosing the location. You need to think about the sun and wind patterns for the perfect place. As the sun and wind change patterns now and then, you might want to think a lot before choosing the exact location. You can also check and book Michaelangelo designs for simple but exquisite landscape designs.

easy landscaping ideas for front of house

Once you have chosen the location, you will need to spend some time with it. By this, you can understand the place even more and will know what you actually should do. Then finally, you can start landscaping.

You need to start small at the beginning, maybe something like a small flower bed. Take your time and go for what your heart says. If you are planting plants or flowers, you will need potting soil. These are essential for plants to grow and stay healthy. You can buy them or make them on your own. At the same time, households leftover organic scraps mixed with bare soil can make great potting soil. You can also add coffee grounds, mud, or mulch.

Flowers and accessories:

In the beginning, planting young shrubs and plants was the best option. These are cheap, easy to handle, and grow fast. Wait till the end of the summer and spring season to see these beautiful flowers blooming. Instead of buying annual flowers, you should go for perennials. Alstroemeria, Catmint, Coreopsis ECT are permanent fixtures. By planting this, your front yard will always be full of flowers and plants.

You can also make your stepping stone to enrich the beauty. You can, but then that would cost a lot. Instead, you can make them by yourself with a few elements. You will need a shovel, paint bucket, quick-setting cement ( 40 pounds), marbles, and a square-shaped cardboard box. At first mix, the cement with water into the paint bucket, then pour it into the cardboard box. Place the marbles over it and leave them for at least 24 hours. When it’s dry enough, cut or peel the cardboard and your stepping stone is ready.

easy landscaping ideas for front of house

As you are a beginner, always be open to any kind of change. If anything doesn’t suit your taste, you can change it anytime.

Proper landscaping can change the whole structure and look of your place. Landscaping helps to bring out the aesthetic vibe of the place in the simplest way. That’s why some people take help from professionals. But if you want easy landscaping ideas for front-of-house to do by yourself, we are here to help you out.

How to landscape your front yard by yourself:

A landscape represents the home owner’s attitude, style, and taste. So if you want to landscape on your own, then figure out your style first. Decide your theme, what suits you the most, and get ready for the work. Once you have decided where to landscape, spend a lot of time there to figure out what to do with it. Taking suggestions from family, friends, or neighbors can be a great help. Then you will need to figure out how many days you are willing to spend after this. It’s also the time to think If you will have someone to help you out. Finally, create a budget and start working from the front yard towards the way back.

If you want to have a colorful landscape, then go for bright colors. Colorful flowers and plants bring out the features of the house perfectly. Before buying plants, research their maintenance and growth. Perennials are great options; you should plant them where possible. Using sand gravel and rocks can save a lot of money. They are cheap, and they don’t need any special maintenance. Succulents also require low maintenance. You must keep your eyes on improving the grass; they bring out the house’s initial elegance. You can also plant ornamental colored trees as a shed tree.

Installing water features is a great option. Water features with small plants and rocks are the best combination. If you want, you can also go for the rock features. Adding light also sounds fun.

Flower beds increase the beauty of the front yard. You can make one of them around the mailbox. Building them around trees will give the landscape a lot of character.

You can also add a birdbath, different seasonal flowers by yourself.

Landscaping ideas for front of the house with porch

There are a lot of easy landscaping ideas for front of house with porch. By adding some accessories you can increase the beauty of your house. You can decorate your porch with potted mini colorful plants, lighting, a rug, table, and seats. These will make your porch even more comfortable. Replacing the lawn with pebbles and rocks and installing a stepping pathway can make the porch look extremely attractive and elegant.

 Having colorful potted plants on your porch can effectively boost the house’s appearance. Adding an accent table is definitely a must; they shouldn’t length taller than the seating arms. Small lights will make your porch look aesthetic. You can also try to hang string lights overhead; this will give your house a friendlier vibe. Flooring colorful cushions are a great thing to add. Accessories help to give the place a welcoming vibe, so you might want to add something. Adding a fireplace or television is a great idea if you have a big porch. In case if you want to keep your porch simple yet attractive, just match the color of the floor and the ceiling; no need to add other things. This will give your porch a simple, divine, and elegant look.


Q1: How to do landscaping with low maintenance?

Answer: There are always some simple small front yard landscaping ideas, low maintenance. You can make stepping stones by yourself instead of buying. You can also go for small shrubs and plants as they are really cheap. Perennials native plants are also very low maintenance as they require less fertilizer, water, and pesticides. Use organic material mulch like river rocks, pine straw, or wood chips to bring out the beauty at the cheapest cost. Last but not least, you can go for artificial grasses.

Q2: Can I do front yard landscaping without plants?

Answer: Definitely yes. There are a lot of front yard landscaping ideas without plants. Lighting is the best option here. It’s cheap, easy, and extremely gorgeous. As you are avoiding plants, you should choose your hard escape carefully. You can go for patio, deck, slate, granite, marble, and paving stones. You can bring out the color and texture of your place by using sand, tumbler glass, beach pebbles, mulch, wood chips. The water feature is another beautiful idea for landscaping. A Pool and small fountains are great options to extend the beauty. You can also go for artificial grass and glasses. See, there are some amazing landscaping ideas for the front of the house without using plants.

Q3: Can I use only rocks for landscaping?

Answer: Using rock for landscaping is another great idea. You certainly can have different landscaping ideas for the front of the house with rocks. A stone pathway always gives the house an elegant and divine look. You can also add rocks in your driveway to make it look stylish. In case if you are planning on having a fountain, then rocks are the perfect combo with it. Stone rack, glowing rocky stairs, paver walkway, frontal walkaway, stone waterfall, water pond surrounded by colorful rocks, rock benches are some amazing easy landscaping ideas for front of the house with rocks.

Final thoughts

In the end, we can say that there are a lot of easy landscaping ideas for the front of the house. You can do it by yourself or with the help of professionals. There are some budget-friendly ways to bring out the beauty of your house. With or without plants, rocks, water features, you can landscape your front yard and make your dream house.

Still, if you have any doubt regarding Easy landscaping ideas for front of house, comment below. We’ll get back to you soon.


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