Everything About Star Trek Discovery Season 3: Release And More!

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3: Release Date And More Details!

star trek discovery season 3

Star Trek Discovery is a famous series for sci-fi shows. This is darker than anything that has come from the Star Trek stable before and has a grown-up, visually stunning, feature film quality feel. The writers have also introduced a lot of complexity in personalities. The values of the federation are there. But the people are flawed.

They have history and they don’t fit exclusively into the good guy/ bad guy boxes. This makes the story unpredictable adding significantly to its diversity and interest.

The central character is Burnham who has a coldness that comes from her Vulcan upbringing- as Season 1 progresses. And you see this coldness thaw and in Season Two her disconnect from Spook is skillfully explored coming to a very satisfactory conclusion at the finale.

Although Burnham is the central character it’s not just her show with support from the others. There are many other brilliant characters who have strong storylines and who could also quite conceivably carry a spin-off. And the story opens up these possibilities beautifully without betraying the Star Trek Canon.

This is very clever, stands well on its own but will no doubt thrill the fans too. Therefore everyone can’t wait for season three. But nowadays season 2 is running and it has explored its seven episodes till now.

However, the decision for the third season will depend upon the CBS. But if the CBS will make it again then it can release on May/June 2020. Because the previous two seasons have a gap of 16 months. So it is also predicting that the same gap will be there between season 2 and season 3.


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