With The Debut of $24 Million “Angel Has Fallen” Comes To No. 1

'Angel Has Fallen' Rises to No 1 With $21 million debut!

Angel Has Fallen

“Angel Has Fallen” has been released recently. This action-packed show of the Fallen series makes some amazing budget that is far from the expectations. It secured $21.25 million with its first week of launch in cinemas.

The tickets for the show are selling very quickly and blast fame for the series on big screens. And this selling of tickets is enough to have an idea about the show’s popularity. This hit opening of the show places the “Good Boys” at the second number. Good Boys having star Jacob Tremblay generating a budget of $11.75 million at its start. And increases its gross budget to $41.4 million.

Whereas, this time “Angel Has Fallen” come close to its forerunner show “London Has Fallen” which was gather $21.6 million in 2016. The first show of the Fallen series was out in 2013 “Olympus Has Fallen” which was kicked out after having a box office budget of $30.4 million.

But “Angel Has Fallen” is another well done action-packed outing for the “Fallen” series. The camera work was excellent, especially around the attack at the lake. Gerard expertly delivers as Mike Banning, as do Morgan Freeman, Nick Nolte, and Lance Reddick in their respective roles.

However, fans are glad to see Lance in it. This is really enjoying watching him as Chief Irving on Bosch. Danny Huston did a good job as Wade Jennings. Gerard nails the tactical sequences and still looks pretty convincing as a former special-ops guy turned secret service agent.

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Moreover, a big crowd that is moving towards the cinemas for watching the show. If we classify the viewers of the show then the crowd containing 51 percent of males. And 61 percent of viewers are above 30 years.

At the last, the first weekend of “Angel Has Fallen” is going fabulous. And it will hope that the upcoming week also bringing more response from the fans. Let’s see how’s it.


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