Fuller House Season 5: Spoilers about missing cast

Fuller House season 5

As you know the filming of Fuller House Season 5 has started. Fans want to know about the missing characters because John Stamos and Dave Coulier were not present when Netflix announced the premiere of season five. As you know the Fuller House season 5 will stream in autumn 2019. But fans are desperate to know about the cast characters.  Let’s have a look about it.

Kimmy Gibbler shared a 12-minute video on her social media account. In this video, the table read roll call was described in detail. However, from this video, it confirmed Dave Coulier and John Stamos would not be in season 5.

Fans are asking about Lori Loughlin that has Netflix fired her for Fuller House Season 5.? So according to official spoilers, Netflix has fired Lori Loughlin. Fans also disappoint and want to know why these stars absent in season 5. some spoilers are saying John and Dave would absent in episode 1 but can appear in some event as Joey and Uncle Jesse respectively.

Well, don’t disappoint too much because there is the possibility that maybe producers will bring back all essential characters for the Fuller House Season 5.
The reason behind the absence of Mossimo Giannullui and Lori Loughlin in season five is bribery scheme charges on them. Lori was highlighted in the news as said that she bribery of $500,000 for her daughter admission in the college. Therefore Netflix removed her from Fuller house next chapter.


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