Grey’s Anatomy Season 16: Has Cliffhanger of Season 15 Finale answered, Spoilers of release date

Grey’s Anatomy season 16

Grey’s Anatomy is one of the popular seasons, and it’s season fifteen has ended. But it left a massive cliffhanger and fans are now waiting the season 16. Fans were expecting more story about Jackson’s fate but season 15 wrapped up.

However, ABC has confirmed the Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 and audience are happy to know on Jake’s Fate theory. Moreover, showrunner also promised for the renewed of season 17.
Krista Vernoff said during an interview that written story of the upcoming installment would start on June 3, 2019. So I am very excited about that because the finale of season 15 has left a big cliffhanger for the next.

The Interesting thing is that there will unexpected happening and twist for the upcoming season 16. The most shocking twist will be Maggie Pierce whose role is playing by Kelly Mforeseey and Jackson Avery.

After camping, they would return home but could not able to drive due to the fog. At that point, Jackson will pull over the car, and some tragedy will happen here.

Showrunner already had strategized the finale of Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 so that people wanted to know about Jackson’s Fate.
Well, she said on an event about it that it will be her “creative decision.” Jack’s fate is still unknown, and fans were worried to know what will happen next.

The cast stars have announced for Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 I which Giacomo Gianniotti as Andre DeLuca, Pompeo as Meredith, and Chandra Wilson included and confirmed for the upcoming installment.

Moreover, Justin Chambers for Alex and James Pickens Jr. will reprise his role. There is no official confirmed news of season 16 regarding the release date

However, everyone is expecting Grey’s Anatomy season 16 will air in 2020 and season 17 in 2021. Now let’s see when the upcoming installment would release. We’ll update you when the release date confirms.


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