Jane The Virgin Season 5 Episode 6, “Chapter Eighty-Seven” All Details What you Want to know

Jane the Virgin Season 5

As you know Jane the Virgin Season 5 episode 5 has aired on 24 April 2019. Now we will talk about episode 6, “Chapter Eighty-Seven.” Let’s take a look and see what spoilers says?

What is coming on the way?

We see every episode is different and full of twist. Before talking about the next chapter, let’s have a look at the previous one Chapter Eighty-six. Jane the Virgin Season 5 episode 5 was broadcasted on 24 April 2019.

As we saw in episode five, Jane is trying to keep her away from all mess as well as also allow Rogelio to throw a 30th birthday party.

Moreover, Petra is the character who has a problem with Jane’s relationship. Now let’s see what happened in next week.

In the next chapter eighty-seven, we will seeJane, and Rafael’s relationships is a big problem when Jane knows Rafael hiding a secret from her. Furthermore, the upcoming episode will feature how Michael revive which will start unfolding in this episode.

Meanwhile, Petra would ask Jane to help her as well as Alba tells Jorge about her feelings.

Release date of Jane The Virgin Season 5 Episode 6

As you know the title of six-episode is ” Chapter Eighty-Seven.” According to schedule, the sixth episode will air on 1st May 2019. It will broadcast on the CW at 9 pm on upcoming Wednesday.

If you are unable to watch on TV sets, then you can watch at CW app as well as on the website. Other platforms for getting all CW episodes are Hulu, Roku, and DirecTV Now.

Stay tuned with us, and we will update you about every episode.


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