The Magicians Season 5 : Release Date, 80s Cocaine Level Magic predictions

The Magicians Season 5 release date cast

I am a Big fan of The Magicians especially Jason Ralph. The Magicians Season 4 had a very emotional Ending as we had to say goodbye to Jason. He is the leading character of the show and imaging the Magicians without him seems very tough to me. Today, I have got all details of The Magicians Season 5 such as its release date and what fans can expect from it. Check this out.

According to showrunners, every character in the show is as vital as Jason is. They are working on all of them from the first seasons. However, for the fans like me, Jason is the best one though I like other characters too.

New reports suggest that The Magicians Season 5 will bring too much Magic. This is pretty awesome especially when we will get a chance to explore enormous magic tricks and moments in its four seasons. The Magicians is a kind of fantasy show where every next season brings more amazing storylines which keep viewers well-engaged.

It is a story of a group of Magicians who are working together to save the world. Jason Ralph is the leading role. Quentin Coldwater is a college graduate who became part of Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy. Since his childhood time, he wants to become a magician, and this passion completely changed his life. While he is attending university, he comes to know that the world of magic is real and he becomes a part of it. However, this world has both good and evil aspects which he has to face.

Honestly, I take a proper interest in magic, and I want to follow Jason’s route, but there is no university where I can enroll and learn all such stuff.

What to Expect from The Magicians Season 5?

The fifth season is going to bring some surprises for the fans especially in terms of Magic. The fourth season concluded with Jason’s life sacrifice. He didn’t care about his own life because he wants to kill the two ancient monsters who possessed Julia and Eliot’s bodies. If he didn’t sacrifice himself, then the lives of his friends are in danger. In the last episode of Season 4, Jason met with Penny-40 and got a chance to attend his funeral.

Now in the upcoming season of the Magicians, rest of the characters have to deal with Jason death. According to Showrunners, the decision of Jason’s life sacrifice was hard, but it was crucial for taking its story to the very next level. Also, new roles and character will enter into new season and fans will be happy to see their skill sets.

The most amazing part is that Season 5 will unlock too much magic. Characters will try some delicate spells which have a long-lasting future impact in their lives and lives of people around them. So, things are going to become more serious, complicated and confusing in the next level of this Syfy tv show.

Fans will Get 80s Wall Street’s Cocaine Level Magic

According to Executive producers, the amount of upcoming Season’s magic is compared with the amount of Cocaine supply on Wall Streets in the 80s. It means that fans can expect more excitements and magic in Season 5. As the magic dose is high so that the risk will be higher too.

Magicians Season 5 will be released sometime in January 2020.

So are you ready to Enjoy too much Magic in the upcoming season of The Magicians?


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