Le Reina Del Sur Season 2: Release Date, Cast, and Interesting Story line!

Le Reina Del Sur Season 2

La Reina Del Sur is an American series, and Telemundo announced it in 2017. Fans are waiting for a long time to watch the second season. The story revolves around a woman kate del Castillo who plays the role of Teresa Mendoza.

She involved in the Mexican drug cartel business. The second season story follows the eight years after the events of the first season. Teresa hides from the world and lives in Italian Tuscany. But she introduces herself when her daughter kidnapped. Therefore once again she faces her old enemies. Old enemies will take revenge on her by kidnapping her daughter.

Cast of La Reina Del Sur Season

There will be a long list of cast members for season 2. But I am mentioning here some famous new famous cast members.

Kate del Castillo, Jesus Castro, Eduardo Yanez, Alejandro Calva, Raoul Bova, Paola Nunez, Eric Roberts, Anna Ciocchetti.

Release date of La Reina del Sur Season 2

There is no official news about its release, but it is expecting that the second season will wrap up in mid-July 2019. It will broadcast on Telemundo and would not be added to Netflix until August 2019.

Episodes for Second Season

There will be sixty episodes for the second season. The first episode name is ” El Regreso de la Reina.” Del Castillo revealed the name through the Instagram account.

It will be a fantastic series, just stay here we will bring official spoilers for you.


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