Let You Know More About American Horror Story Season 9!

Let You Know More About American Horror Story Season 9!

American Horror Story Season 9

American Horror Story is an amazing television show. As the series going forward for the ninth season. Each of those seasons brings out an interesting story. (akumalmonkeysanctuary) It brings a few elements based on real-life people and incidents which compels us to read about those historic people and events.

Those who are interested in the thriller, horror, suspense and a little bit of history then it is best for them. The only drawback though is there are certain questions that are unanswered in each of the seasons and fans have watched so far. The direction & screenplay is simply superb.

However, upcoming season 9th is full of unexpected twists in each and every season. It is an American anthology based show which brings horror and scares on the screens. All the seasons of the American Horror Story contain distinct stories and mysteries that are affecting people on the screens.

As usual, this season will also have different storylines. However, the plot of the story will surely inspire by the viewers. And fans also have a lot of expectations from this season. And creators of the show set a great setup to encourage the viewers with the amazing story of 1984.

Table of Contents


The new trailer for the American Horror Story Season 9 has released recently. And it has a lot of hints and story ideas to compel the fans for the upcoming season. You can also watch it below:

With every episode of upcoming season, you will begin to love the characters more and more whether villain or hero. With every reappearance in the seasons, you will fall more in love with the actors themselves.

Cast Details

To bring the life in the characters of the season several cast members are appearing in the ninth season. The following cast may enhance the show.

  • Emma Roberts
  • Cody Fern
  • Billie Lourd
  • DeRon Horton
  • Gus Kenworthy
  • Matthew Morrison
  • Leslie Grossman
  • Angelica Ross
  • Zach Villa
  • John Caroll Lynch

However, the first episode of season 9 will air out on 18th September 2019.


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