Line of Duty Season 5 Spoiler: Is Tony Gates Alive?

Line of Duty season 5

Fans of Line of Duty are enjoying the epic episodes of Season 5, as its finale is approaching very fast its not wrong to think of some mind-blowing twist. So, if you so invested in this police detective British tv series, I have got a spoiler which would surprise you for one minute at least.

As we are close to the finale of season 5, fans have some doubts about the identity of H. They have started speculation.  Now there are rumors which suggest that the old police office “Tony Gate is Alive.”

According to an expert, it is possible that Tony Gates make a wild entry into the tv show as the main leader of Organized Crime Group (OCG).

What if we believe in these reports or rumors? It means Line of Duty is going to deliver its much-needed Twist to its loyal fans.

Line of Duty Season 5:  Get Ready for Mind-blowing Story turn

According to Director of the Center for Applied Criminology Professor Elizabeth Yardley from Birmingham City University, it is possible that  Detective Chief Inspector Tony Gates may be still alive. You already saw him in the show when he got an award for the Officer of the years since he closed many criminal cases successfully.

However, Ted Hastings were suspicious about the number of cases, and he wanted to look deep into this up-and-coming figure. The debut series ended when Tony Gates commit suicide in a car accident.

Professor Elizabeth said the story of Line of Duty might get a fantastic twist.

“Instead of looking for H’s, perhaps we should explore some of the characters with surnames ending in these letters commonly paired with H – W, C, G, and S.”

The showrunner often brings back the old characters; it is not very unusual. For example, we know that Ryan Pilkington returned as OCG assistant in the fifth series, he appeared first time in Season 1.

Now if Tony Gates is Alive and Jed bring him back, then it is kind of different as he never brought back a dead officer.


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