The Blacklist Season 6: Is Dembe Leaving the Show?

The Blacklist Season 6

The Blacklist is one of my favorite crime thriller tv show which satisfies me always with its little story and high performance. The Black Season 6 is coming to NBC, and you can watch it every Friday in the US. The last five seasons are also available for binge-watch just in case you have missed this fantastic thriller and want to catch up with the Season 6 after knowing every character.

In the last seasons, we know that Red faced a tough time as he experienced multiple betrayals, many of his life truths turn out to be false. Dembe who is a kind of right hand of Red wasn’t ready for all this drama.

Is Dembe Leaving The Blacklist?

At this point, we don’t know whether Dembe will leave the show or not. Hisham Tawfiq plays Dembe role, NBC made no official announcement regarding any farewell of Dembe. In Episode 18, we saw Dembe very much alive, so there is much possibility that he will return to the show.

If you want to see whether Dembe will stay or leave the show, then you have to be a little patient. Things will get clear in The Black Season 7.

Did there is any Hint of Dembe Future in The Blacklist Season 6?

Dembe and Red are very close friends who know everything about each other and trust one another. Dembe was also the former bodyguard of Red. Liz turned him to authorities that nearly executed him.

According to Lisa Robin, “I feel like it goes intense because he is extremely connected to Liz and also to Dembe, and this is bringing the people he cares about the most forward into conflict.”

Red has to confront a very challenging situation, as he has to rethink and reevaluate his relationship with both Liz and Dembe. At the end of the Season, Dembe feels that something is coming on his way.

The main turning point of the story was when Dembe though that Red would kill him. However, Red decided not to kill him, he took a U-turn on his decision and forgave Dembe- who didn’t accept the forgiveness attitude and decided to leave.

Now whether Dembe is coming back on the show and has gone for good is a question in the mind of every fan of The Blacklist. Things will get manifest in the upcoming Season, so don’t waste any time and enjoy a few remaining episodes of The Blacklist Season 6.


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