Lucifer Season 4 Spoilers: Love Intentions between Lucifer, Chloe and Eve

Lucifer season 4

The one of great season Lucifer season 4 is here and fans are very excited to see its new episode. Here we will reveal some important clue. Let’s see how things unfold for Lucifer and Chloe Decker.

Speculations about Lucifer Season 4

As viewers are excited about the next event and making speculations for upcoming episodes. As we saw previously, Lucifer is the culprit of Cain, but there is no witness here.

Chloe sees this and devil side of Lucifer at the end of season two. So there are many cliffhanger and Chloe not sure how she felt about Lucifer.

Tom Spoilers About Lucifer Season 4

Season four tells the next story, but it is different as fans expect.

About the first episode, Tom said: “When I saw the script of the first episode, I was like oh my gosh, I was thinking about how people will react to it?”

Tom revealed some spoilers by himself like he said there is everything normal between him and Chloe. Moreover, fans are expecting there will be some tuning with Eve and we will see in the upcoming episode, Eve will try to come between Lucifer and Chloe.

Eve’s Intentions

At the beginning of season four, we sew good intention of Eve but, fans want to know really will Eve act on her secret evil plans.

As an original sinner, Evil has owned some powers, and now we will see Eve use it on Lucifer or not.

Lauren talked about Chloe on the show and said she supports the devil side of Lucifer, but at the same time, it is some scary too.

Well, let’s see how things happen in an upcoming episode of Lucifer Season 4.


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