Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 6 is coming Back on ABC

agents of shield season 6

I’m sure many of you are missing superheroes of Shield. Now it’s time to smile and get ready as ABC is releasing Agents of Shield Season 6 on 10 May. It would be fun to see the show as many changes have been made in the authorities.

As we know that from the last five seasons, Agency is run and operated by Phil Coulson but now he is officially dead. The agents will miss their mentor and leader and of course, viewers are going to miss Phil as well.

Agents of Shield Season 6 was renewed at a point where viewers got disappointed that ABC won’t renew it. However, ABC decided to keep this show alive for its fandom and announced that its six-season will come soon. The network has delivered its promise and now you can start watching its brand new installment from today.

What you must know at this point that the Sixth season is not the Finale of this show. ABC has renewed another season. It means that you can expect the release of Marvel’s Agent of Shield Season 7 as well. So, agents and their mission will continue after the death of Phil Coulson. We have to see how new director of the agency handle the tasks, agents and upcoming mission.

Normally, each season of Agents of Shield brings 20 episodes. But the sixth Season is an exception because it has only 13 episodes. Though episode is short you won’t miss any action and entertainment shortage.

Don’t miss new Season of Agents of Shield on ABC as the life of agents is becoming very challenging due to upcoming life-threating missions.



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