Reasons To Opt For Brass Jewelry


Brass is an unconventional element when it comes to jewelry making. Since times immemorial, gold and silver have been used for making jewelry. But now, people have increasingly started replacing precious metals like gold and silver with brass. Brass is not a pure metal; rather, it is an alloy of two metals, zinc and copper. The addition of zinc and copper in a definite proportion gives brass its unique properties. 

Reasons Why Alloy-Made Jewelry Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

There are many reasons why people are making a move toward brass jewelry. But some of the most important reasons for the growing acceptance of brass jewelry are its affordability, durability and health benefits.

In the points discussed below, you will come to know in detail the reasons why brass is the next big thing in the jewelry-making industry.

The High Affordability

Prices of precious metals like gold and silver have risen to a very high level. The reason for the high demand and the high price of these metals is the religious value associated with them. Some cultures have a very high demand for gold and silver and this keeps the price inflation for them perpetually high.

So if you wish to purchase a piece of jewelry that is made up of gold or silver, you will have to spend a lot of money. Most people cannot afford to spend a huge amount of money on regular jewelry, so instead, they opt for unconventional elements like alloys of zinc or copper.

The Ability To Create Great Designs

Copper alloys are quite durable, so it is possible to create many unique designs with them. However, gold that is cent percent pure is unsuitable for the creation of great designs. In fact, gold is mixed with varying quantities of copper to give it more strength and durability so that it can withstand the process of jewelry-making. 

So brass has a natural advantage over gold due to its innate strength, and this property can be used to make a variety of designs. So if you ever happen to visit a brass jewelry manufacturer, you are sure to be spoiled for choice.

The Multiple Health Benefits

Although there is no solid scientific backing, many people suggest that wearing copper alloys has several health benefits. Some people believe that when you wear a brass ring or bracelet, the alloy is absorbed by your skin, and this is highly beneficial for your immune system.

Apart from improving the immune system, copper alloys are also known to have antibiotic properties. So if you wear copper alloy-made jewelry on a regular basis, skin infections and lesions may be kept at bay.


Apart from the affordability and durability of brass, there are several other reasons why it is on the list of every fashion-conscious individual. Celebrities worldwide have promoted this unconventional alloy as a part of their accessories. So fashionable people have made a move for fancy brass items.

Another important feature is that brass can be recycled, which means that the ecological footprint of wearing jewelry made of this alloy is quite low. And finally, brass is the perfect substitute for gold. For people who value the yellow  metal, brass provides a similar color and shine as that of gold.



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