Reduce Bounce Rate With Video Animation

high bounce rates

All businesses aim to rank as high as possible in search engine results. After all, a good ranking means you have a better chance of getting a click on your website and the user landing on your homepage. But what if the user doesn’t engage with your website and leaves almost immediately?

Well, to be honest, it is inevitable that some people will abandon your landing page with little or no interaction. This is normal, but what this becomes a frequent occurrence? Now you have a serious problem – a high bounce rate.

High bounce rates have the potential to have an adverse effect on your over sales.

High bounce rates à affects your ranking à fewer leads ₊ lesser engagement à fewer sales

What can be done to make sure high bounce rates don’t tank your digital marketing efforts?

Amongst methods such as improving your content readability, using compelling calls to action, having relevant content and so on, we will focus on video animation and how it can be harnessed to your advantage.

Let’s face it – you might be doing everything by the book but still getting scant engagement. This means it’s time to discuss the valuableness of animated videos.

Why video in the first place?

For starters, Video has a very high penetration rate. It is quick, easy to digest, can be seen on the go, doesn’t require a very high attention span… the pros are endless!

Digital video advertising is a trend that is growing every year and from the looks of it, it won’t be halting anytime soon. In fact, it is estimated by 2021 the spending on digital video advertising will be $22.18 billion in the US alone.

Such statistics are encouragement alone to embark on creative video animation strategy.

Landing page

The landing page of your website can be thought of as the door to your website and your first impression. It needs to pack a punch!

For digital video marketing, your business category doesn’t matter. So even if you aren’t an e-commerce brand, you can still benefit from an animated video and enjoy greater engagement.

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Once your video is up, don’t forget to perform A/B testing to see if you are getting the results you desire.

Mobile user power

Things like engagement, retention, conversion, and leads vary across devices. In video specifically, it is well known that the large chunk of consumers consists of mobile and tablet users. Desktop and laptop, not so much.

With researches to back up the claim that video is more popular on mobile phones, it is vital to note that your website is also designed to be mobile friendly. In this distractible age of digital media, Video will be your ultimate weapon to get the message across.

International audience

If business expansion is one of your goals, you will get international traffic on your website at one point or the other.

In content that includes text or audio, it can be slightly difficult and perhaps even tedious to overcome the language barrier. But in Video the problem can be easily overcome through subtitles.

However, subtitles are not always enough. To be on the safe side, take care to create content that can be easily understood and related-to by nonnative speakers as well.

Perform effectively

Bad content is bad content. Period. It does not matter if its text, visuals, audio, or video. So for your video to actually penetrate, you need to make sure it is able to perform effectively. Here are some basic tips to help you get started with a good content strategy.

  • The first 5-10 seconds are key to retaining viewers. Start off with a message that is persuasive, relevant, and creates a lasting impression on the audience.
  • After the 10 second mark, you’re still not off the hook. Throughout the duration, make sure to pepper the video with irresistible but realistic incentives that will keep the audience glued to the screen.
  • A call to action can be thought of like the climax of a movie. It is the pinnacle without which the rest of the content is useless. Don’t skip your calls to action!
  • One minute videos are just the right length in most cases. Your audience is likely to be busy in most cases, and does not want to hear you drone on about how great your services are. Keep it short, concise, and powerful!
  • Not sure what put in the video? Starting off with basics such as questions, answers and tips is a worthwhile idea. Select a topic relevant to your business and answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

You can also add some useful takeaways to make your customers happy and create a sense of fulfillment.

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Web video is a highly sophisticated marketing tool that can contribute to boosting user engagement.

Following these best practices, you can wave goodbye to the disappointing days of high bounce rates.


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