Riverdale Season 4: What Will Really Happen in The Flash Forward Scene?

Riverdale season 4

As you know, Jughead was absent in the Riverdale season 3 and now want to know about the future of Jughead in season 4.

Fans are very desperate to watch the flash-forward scene that is a massive part of Riverdale Season 4. So let’s see what happened on a fateful night. Everyone has been kept eyes on releasing date, but that’s not confirmed yet. However, the expected premiere date is late 2019.

There are a lot of predictions regarding this, like some predict the death of Jughead. On this prediction, a theory came called “impossible.”

Jughead as Cole Sprouse disappear, and according to showrunner, it could be a viewership advantage theory in Riverdale season 4. Therefore missing Jughead in a flash forward episode will cause more drama.

Fans were shocked when they saw blood on Betty, Archie, and KJ Apa’s clothes and more upset when they noticed the Jughead’s appearance.

Here is one of the new theory ” Macbeth” Let’s talk about it.

Now many fans believe the “Macbeth” theory that is going down in Riverdale season 4.
According to this theory, Jughead would crazy and kill Charles. Typically it explains the blood and shows that Jughead would be freaking out after Charles murder. Therefore, it did not appear in the flash forward scene.

So theories explain that Betty took control and responsible for the blame to cover up for Jughead. Therefore asks help fromVeronica and KJ Apa to burn the evidence.
Theorist said, “Betty went all Lady Macbeth and reason for the driving force behind the murder.”
Well, these are predictions of Riverdale season 4 now let’s see what really happen.


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