San Francisco Shelter In Place

san francisco shelter in place

Though the new decade starts with a good vibe, just after march situation begins to worsen. The condition was so bad that countless people began to die daily around the world. From small to big cities San Francisco shelter in place, the situation remained the same all around. The Coronavirus spread was so huge that the only way to stay safe was to stay at home

A beautiful and culturally diversified city of North California is San Francisco. It was also under the detrimental attack of the COVID-19 virus. But how they manage and survive the situation is quite noticeable. Like other countries, the Mayor of San Francisco ordered the shelter in place rule. All the city residents have to strictly follow the order to stay safe from the dangerous virus. Let’s have a look-

San Francisco shelter in place order:

A Public Health Order issued on March 19, 2020, directed all Californians to stay home. The order exempt going to essential work or to shop for necessary stuff. 

The Regional Stay Home order was lifted on January 25, 2021, depending on the situation. As the ICU availability rose to over 15% in 4 weeks, the Mayor decided to dismiss the stay order. Until that order, San Francisco followed strict shelter in-home order.

The stay-at-home order started to come into effect on Thursday, March 19, 2020. It covers the whole city of San Francisco.

The city released the Blueprint for a Safer Economy. That blueprint permitted the gradual reopening of specific businesses. And activities when the effect of COVID-19 started to decline. Time fixed from ten PM to five AM.

But on November 21, 2020, the virus directed the non-essential activities to stop. The order was extended from cities to countries under the Stay Home Order on December 21, 2020.

Regional Stay Home Order:

The Mayor announced Regional Stay Home Order on December 3, 2020. The regional order triggered more restrictions after San Francisco. The announcement includes having less than 15% ICU availability. It also-

  • prohibited any size of private gatherings,
  • closed sector operations except for critical infrastructure and retail,
  • required 100% masking. In some situations, face coverings are needed to use. 
  • maintained physical distancing.
  • The organization/shops/institutes under shutdown order:
  • Indoor Playgrounds 
  • Hair Salons and Barbershops
  • Movie Theaters 
  • Indoor Recreational Facilities
  • Casinos 
  • Personal Care Services 
  • Family Entertainment Centers 
  • Museums, Zoos, and Aquariums 
  • Bars, Breweries, and Distilleries 
  • Limited Services 
  • Live Audience Sports 
  • Wineries 
  • Cardrooms and Satellite Wagering 

Amusement Parks San Francisco shelter in place

But throughout the regional order, you are allowed to do activities with people you live in the home. You can also shop for essentials. You can get healthcare and go to the dentist in case of urgency. The health order updated on December 10, 2020, where you can also-

  • Meet with one other person outside your home,
  • Take a walk around,
  • Hang out at the park also,
  • Play sports like golf, tennis, bocce ball, and pickleball that are low-contact sports. But do not share equipment with others.
  • Wear a mask,
  • Stay 6 feet away from others when you leave your home.
  • Outdoor religious activities and political protests are still allowed. Up to 200 people are allowed to enter.
  • Travelers from out of the city can book a hotel. Hence, before continuing the rest of their trip, they must quarantine at the hotel for 14 days.
  • Indoor grocery and shopping malls can still stay open up to 20% capacity.
  • Standalone grocery stores can increase the largest capacity to 35%.
  • All retail and essential businesses must have a way to check the number of people inside and limit it.
  • Special shopping hours are reserved for older adults for the COVID-19 period.
  • No eating or drinking is allowed outside, 
  • People operate local businesses from home.
  • Schools that are not open must stay closed until proper uplift of the stay-at-home order,
  • But schools that have opened already can stay open. Other schools must be closed.
  • Grades TK through 6 who want to reopen must take a waiver from the Health Officer. And the middle and high schools can also apply to open outdoor classes. The application process is available on the site of the Department of Public Health.
  • The childcare facilities and after school programs can also stay open.
  • Different youth sports may continue. But the sports organizing clubs cannot hold competitions or allow spectators from outside.
  • Once San Francisco exited the Stay Home Order, counties return to the synchronization. 

Some businesses/companies/institutes must close or change their daily operations: 

1. Outdoor dining should be prohibited. But takeout and delivery are still in function.

2. Personal care services, including hair salons, should stay close. Both indoor and outdoor services are closed.

3. Indoor gyms are also closed. The functions include one-on-one personal training too. As social distance is strictly said to follow, contact with another person is not allowed.

4. All in-person and low-contact retail must close operations during the COVID-19 period. But the curbside operations are still open.

5. Museums, aquariums, and zoos are closed. But botanical gardens and historic sites are still operating. 

6. Hotels and lodging for leisure should pause their activities too. They still circulate essential travel. For isolation and quarantine, hotels and lodges serve the guests.

7. Drive-in gatherings are banned. The prohibition order includes drive-in movies also.

8. Tours by bus and boat around the city are forbidden.

9. Outdoor family recreation centers, like miniature golf and batting cages

10. Gyms and fitness classes can have up to 12 people from outside. Running groups are not allowed.

11. Real estate agents can show homes over the video to potential customers. If a virtual presentation is not possible, one agent can show the property to most of the two people. And those two people must be from the same house.

12. Higher educational institutes must conduct classes on a virtual platform. If in-person training in vocational institutes is essential, then in-person teaching is allowed.

But the number of students should be few. And health orders should be followed both by teacher and students.

Guidelines for a San Francisco shelter in place holiday season:

2020 is not a happy year. But the festivals can not have a pause. While this is a time to celebrate festivals with loved ones, it is not a happy holiday season this year. 

San Francisco is already facing a drastic swing in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations. The residents of San Francisco have to celebrate their part in the home this year. The relatives can come home next year. 

This year they can celebrate by doing activities at home with people you already live. Mainly with the family members. 

Family members always stay outside because of work, but this year members can enjoy themselves at home. 

If someone needs to leave home, he should remember to wear the face-covering. There is much different fun stuff one can do with family members staying at home. So, avoid traveling outside your home to distant places. If you have to travel, see guidance about safer travel. 

As of December 18, people could not come home because of the shelter at home order. Now they are coming back to their home from outside the Bay Area. They must stay at home for 14 days.

San Francisco shelter in place reopening plans: 

What can change in every county now that stay-at-home orders have lifted?

San Francisco has reported both official and unofficial 29,991 cases of COVID-19. There is an increase by 501 on Monday. There have also been 293 deaths reported, ICU capacity is currently at 28%.

On January 25, 2021, Gavin Newsom announced that California was lifting shelter-in-place order. And the returning for reopening. 

That means outdoor activities, salons, barbershops can reopen like before but under specific conditions.

Mayor London Breed announced a new reopening after this order in California. He stated that-

  1. the city will increase the capacity to 50% at the grocery stores and 25% for retail stores. 
  2. Outdoor fitness capacity can increase up to 35 people,
  3. Some youth sports with least contact my resume,
  4. San Francisco will allow hotels to continue their operations for tourism. The city will maintain the mandatory local travel quarantine. In this order, visitors from outside the Bay Area requires to quarantine for at least ten days.
  5. The city will continue to uphold the curfew with, limit non-essential businesses between the hours of 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.
  6. In case of opening schools, the location must come into consideration to reopen. 

While the schools fall in the red or purple zone in cities danger zone. Then the teachers and staff of the schools must get a vaccine before going back to school.

  • The 4-week projection for ICU capacity in San Francisco had expected to reach above 15%.
  • But because shops and other institutes can reopen does not mean the people can work like before.

Especially in the Bay Area, where some counties moved reopening timeline in the past, it takes time to get back into normal after such a long period of lockdown.

Alameda Country:

Alameda Country is moving forward with all the reopening allowed all over the city, 

  • They are allowing for outdoor gatherings with members from three or fewer households.
  • Masks and social distancing are a prime rule at these gatherings.

Contra Costa Country:

Contra Costa Country is moving forward with all the reopening allowed all over the city,

  • 25 people from three or fewer households also now have permission to go outdoor. More than 25 people can not go outside.

Marin Country:

Marin Country is returning to reopening guidelines,

following the state rules on what can reopen under proper guidance, 

San Francisco Country:

Mayor London Breed announced the city would be moving with the other counties. This order is applicable under the reopening order.

  1. It includes outdoor dining and salon reopening. This opening is starting on Thursday, January 28.
  2. Up to 3 households can attend outdoor gatherings by maintaining the social distance
  3. no food or drink consumption outdoor, 
  4. If consumption of food is necessary, only six people from two households should go outside.

Other counties are reopening with other countries in the city:

1. San Mateo Country

2. Napa Country

3. Santa Clara Country

4. Solano Country

5. Sonoma Country

If you need to go out, you must stay 6 feet away from people and wear a face or use a face shield. You should keep six feet distance from the people with whom you do not live. The time when shopping or walking, try to follow the rules. 

The social distancing includes:

  • If you go to a store, waiting in line to go inside the store. In case the store is not spacious, then instead of getting inside, takeout the food,
  • In case of visiting businesses or public places, keep 6 feet distance from people. You should maintain social distance in the workshop also.
  • While working out at an outdoor gym, use sanitizer before touching equipment
  • On public transportation or waiting for in the bus stop, keep a distance from people,
  • While driving or riding in a taxi, keep your distance. Also, keep yours rideshare vehicle distant from other people’s cars.
  • In a space that others may use later or even if you are alone, try to stay at a safe distance,
  • Attending an office where you interact with others closely, 
  • Walking or running outside the home and you pass someone, keep 6 feet distance.
  • Mask is mandatory to wear in a public place. You will not be allowed to go into a business if you are not wearing a mask or face covering. Public transports will maintain the same rule. You can get affected by the patients of the virus. Or you can also get the virus from anywhere the patients have visited.





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