Strawberry Adaptogen Shake to Improve Rest and Boost Recovery

Strawberry Adaptogen

The word adaptogens has been buzzing around lately and it’s for good reason. Adaptogens can be very beneficial for your overall health and wellness. Although adaptogens have only gained widespread popularity in the last several years, they’ve been studied and used since 1958(1). Strawberry Adaptogen –visit here

You may want to consider adaptogens if you are looking for a way to optimize your health, decrease stress levels, and improve focus among many other benefits. 

There are various adaptogens available on the market and different ways to incorporate them. Learn what an strawberry adaptogen is, its benefits, and how to integrate it into your daily routine. 

What is an Strawberry Adaptogen 

Most of the adaptogens that you may consider using are naturally occurring adaptogens that stem from different types of plants or the extracts of these plants. 

Some of the more popular adaptogens are Panax ginseng, Rhodiola rosea, Cordyceps, Rhaponticum carthamoides, Schisandra chinensis, and more

Although adaptogens are from various classes of plants they can be found sold in the form of powders, coffee, recovery drinks, and capsules. 

Regardless of which type of adaptogen you are purchasing, you can reap the benefits of improved mental performance, physical performance, adaptation to stress, and everyday function

Benefits of Adaptogens


It’s no secret that there are many products on the shelves that can leave us questioning what the benefits are if taken routinely. Adaptogens provide many benefits, we will focus on the top 3 that you can benefit from. 

Improve Stress Levels 

Whether stress on your body is stemming from internal factors or external factors, adaptogens have been shown to provide an anti-stress response. 

This can also benefit your performance at the gym through boosting your recovery. 

Some forms of adaptogens, like Rhodiola can also help with depression which can be a struggle for those that are constantly feeling under stress.

Higher Quality Sleep 

Do you wear a tracking device and find that your sleep isn’t optimal? You may even struggle falling asleep at night or staying asleep. Adaptogens like panax ginseng, have been shown to improve your sleep and level of fatigue.

Adaptogens can provide you with a snowball effect when you start sleeping deeper, your sleep quality improves, and as a result you’ll find yourself able to concentrate better throughout the day. 

Laser Focus


With all of the technology access we have, it can be hard to stay focused throughout the day. One of the many benefits of incorporating adaptogens into your regimen is improved memory and concentration.

The last thing that’s needed is a sugary donut and coffee from the breakroom to try and power through the day. If you are fighting to complete projects at work and stay focused, it may be time to ditch the jitters that accompany a sugar crash and try a beverage that provides adaptogens. 

How Can Adaptogens Boost Recovery

When you think of recovery, your mind likely goes to recovery from a hard workout session. It’s important to note that adaptogens have been used for recovery from many different illnesses, memory loss, focus, and physical weakness for many years.

Adaptogens like Rhodiola Rosea extract are commonly used by athletes to help recover from their workout and improve their strength levels(2) By helping you overcome the fatigue that generally follows a hard training session it provides you with a boost in recovery.  

When to Consume Adaptogens for Best Results

When first incorporating adaptogens, begin incorporating them slowly. This will allow you to identify how you respond to that specific adaptogen. The best time for many individuals to introduce a new product and be consistent is in the morning. Having a set routine will prevent you from forgetting in the middle of the day or before falling asleep at night. 

It’s important to become familiar with the instructions provided with the product of choice as it will state how often to take the adaptogen, the source, dosage, and period of time. Always remember to look at the quality of the product and company that is providing the adaptogen. 

Strawberry Adaptogen Shake Recipe

Naked Recovery Naked Nutrition-5

If you are ready to get started and incorporate adaptogens into your daily routine, you can start by making a smoothie for breakfast to jumpstart your day. What better way to step into a new day than with a beverage that can help your body manage stress and improve your focus. 

You can simply grab a blender in the kitchen and mix up the following ingredients:

  • 1 cup of almond or your preference of milk
  • Handful of ice 
  • 1-2 tbsp of cacao nibs 
  • 1 cup of strawberries 
  • Adaptogen supplement. Be sure to use a high-quality product, as this recovery mushroom supplement from Naked Nutrition. 

We hope you take the time to make this shake and incorporate it as part of your routine! You can make changes to the recipe based on your personal preferences. The key component to this shake is making sure you incorporate a high quality serving of adaptogens to get the most optimal health and wellness benefits. 


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