The 3 Essentials So You Can Live The Van Life


There are people that love to go camping a few times a year so they buy themselves a comfortable camper. There are others that want to sell their house and possessions and live full-time in a van or camper. Since remote work is easier to get than ever before there is little reason to not hit the road and enjoy traveling while working. It’s become a trend to live the van life lifestyle. 

There are a few essentials to be able to pull it off so it pays to understand some of the basics. There are a few challenges to living the van life so being aware of what you need to do ahead of time is helpful. In this article, we will go over some of the basics to get you started. 

1 – Modify the van

You may be already in a camper and find it comfortable enough but there are some people who would rather have a van. Since a van can be driven around town and consumes less gas it is a popular option. The only problem is that a van has to be outfitted to serve as a camper. 

Make sure to have the best running boards mounted on the side of the doors so you can easily get into and out of the van when you stop. Then, think about the inside and what you’ll need to live in it full time. 

For instance, you will need to construct a bed in the back and then make sure to fit everything else around it. You need to have plenty of storage so think about how to fit some cabinets under the bed and on the sides of the van.

If you can flip the bed up when not in use then you may be able to fit a small cooker in the van so you can cook and eat there. 

2 – Plan your route well

It would be fun to simply wander around and find little hidden gems as you travel. However, you will be relying on areas where you can park and hook up to electricity or have wifi. This means that you do actually have to plan your trip out so you know where to stop and stay the night or for a while. 

Think about what you need to have for the van and services and make those spots your destination. 

3 – Have a network

Luckily, there are already a number of people living the van life so you have a network of friends and helpers. Otherwise, it can get fairly lonely. Look for forums or other networks to find the people out on the road so you can ask questions about certain destinations and also to find people to socialize with when you get there. 

This will give you a network of people that can help you out or just simply keep you company. It’s also helpful that they understand the ups and downs you are sure to face.


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