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under counter lighting

Everyday life is changing and updating. What we have used to do before, are now considered as backdated fashion. Keeping pace with the new era, we are also accepting all these things cordially. Because these can make our life more comfortable and upgrade. Creating a new house with a new model is not an easy task. We have to go through under counter lighting a long process. We need to spend a lot of money and time as well. But if it is possible to remodel your house, it will be the best decision for you.

Generally, we want to change our old house because the design and the fashion of this house are not modern enough. Some of us decide to buy a new home. But most of the time, this could not be possible for all of us. So in this situation, remodeling the house is best for them. But before renovating your home, you have to be confirmed that it won’t make any problem after remodeling your house and will consider it as the best decision.

When you’re in the middle of your project, let kitchen remodeling long island help you make the right choice for your under counter lighting. 

Remodeling a house can help us to eliminate so many problems.

We don’t need to change our house. Instead, we can stay in our old place with the new version of it. When we want to remodel our home, we want to remodel our bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, etc. that means what we need to update. Remodeling the kitchen is a very trendy fashion. People now want to give a modern look to their kitchen. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, then the first thing that comes in our mind is good lighting.

Because we have to spend time in the kitchen prepare our meal and making some outstanding food and also cutting vegetables and some other things that are needed to prepare a dish. So good lighting is essential. Unless we cannot do these tasks properly, significantly, when we are cutting up, a deficiency of proper illumination can create a significant accident. So lighting is the central aspect of our kitchen. In the modern kitchen, we see that under counter lights have been used there for proper lighting. These lights are founded under the cabinet of the kitchen. So this under-counter light is also known as under cabinet light.

Under the counter or cabinet, light is handy. These lights are beneficial to you when you are working in the kitchen. An overhead bulb can illuminate a large area, and this can disturb others when you are working in the kitchen. But under counter light only glow a fixed space, so nobody feels concerned for extra illumination. It has so many benefits. After knowing the benefits of under-counter or under-cabinet lights, you will be able to understand correctly how beneficial these under the counter and cabinet lights are. Some of them are given below-

Benefits of under counter lights-

  1. Eliminate the shadows. It makes the kitchen environment very pleasant.
  2. Reduce the electric bill.
  3. Provides proper illumination on the workspace.
  4. Cost-effective.
  5. These are very worthy.
  6. Increase the value of your kitchen.
  7. It saves money.

Let’s discuss these benefits below. That can help you to know the benefits of under cabinet or under counter lights properly.


  1. Eliminate the shadows- The under counter light or cabinet light has a significant advantage of eliminating the glare. When we are working in the kitchen ad using an overhead bulb there, it must illuminate the large area and makes shades in your working space. So you cannot see all the things correctly. That makes a problem in making a meal. But if you install under counter light or under-cabinet light in the countertops of your kitchen, that can only illuminate the working space, and the light directly comes without making any shadow.  
  2. Makes the kitchen environment very pleasant- The warming light of the under cabinet lights makes the kitchen space very pleasant, and you can work here correctly. It can encourage your mind to try a new recipe. 
  3. Reduce the electric bill- 

It is perfect if we can able to reduce the electric bill of our house. Under counter or under-cabinet lights can help us to get this advantage. We don’t need to use a high voltage bulb in the kitchen; instead, we can use low voltage under counter lights that reduce the electric bill.

  1. Provides proper illumination on the workspace- Cooking is an art. We need conscious while making food. We have to add the appropriate quantity of each item to makes a perfect dish. In this situation, we need proper lighting in the kitchen. Not only that, we know that we have to cut up so many things for cooking purposes. For this, we use a knife or some other sharp items. The deficiency of illumination may cause the accident of minor or even significant accidents.
  2. Cost-effective- The under counter lighting is a cost-effective one. Once you install an under-counter light in your kitchen, you don’t need to change it for a few years. 
  3. These are very worthy- 

We can quickly and firmly say that the under-counter lights are very worthwhile. It will give you so many advantages, and the installation cost is not that much. You can easily install them in your house and get the benefits with an aesthetic look of your kitchen.

  1. Increase the value of your kitchen- These under counter lights can increase the beauty of your kitchen. This will be much appreciated when someone visits your house and sees the modern look of your home. That can increase your house value. 
  2. It saves money- If you have installed an under-counter light in your house, you can reduce the electric bill and save energy. That can save you money.

Here is a brief discussion about the benefits of under-counter or under-cabinet light ideas.

These lights are unique and also give an aesthetic value to your house. This can increase the value of your kitchen. When you make a party in your home and need to cook so many dishes with your neighbor in your kitchen, this will help you more, and you will get compliments from them. This under-counter or cabinet lights are very pleasant looking and welcoming. It can keep your mind fresh while cooking. You can give concentrate on your task in the kitchen.

When we are supposed to remodel our kitchen, we have to redo the lights of our kitchen too.

In a modern kitchen, we knew it before that under-counter or cabinet lights are using. These are very stylish and pleasant look. Before installing under-counter or under-cabinet light for our kitchen, we have to choose the best one for our house. so when we are going to buy lights for our under-counter or under the counter space of our kitchen, we have to keep proper knowledge of it.

Also, the installing process has to know clearly to reduce the problems.

for this, we can take help from experts and other neighbors who have already under-counter or under-cabinet lights in their kitchen. Now let’s talk about some ideas of best under-counter or under-cabinet light ideas to find the best one for your kitchen. These ideas are given below-

Best under counter lighting ideas-

  1. You should choose the bright lights.
  2. Warm illumination should be a priority.
  3. You should use a low voltage light.
  4. Choose cool white color lights.
  5. Use led lights to get the best advantages- the number of LEDs per length.

  6. Hire an electrician to install under counter lighting.
  7. Choose dimming capable lights.
  8. Use light bars that match perfectly to your under counter space.
  9. Keep the distance between lights 8-12″ apart.
  10. Hide the right wires into the cabinet.
  11. Placing the light properly in the under counter.

We will give a proper discussion of these ideas to make this information helpful and easy for you. Discussions are given below-

Discussions of under counter lighting-

  1. You should choose bright lights- As you have to do so many tasks in the kitchen, for example, cooking, cutting vegetables or stirring, you need bright lights to see your pieces of stuff properly. So the best decision is to choose the bright light for your under the counter or cabinet lighting.
  2. Warm illumination should be the priority- As we say before that choosing the bright light is the best choice but don’t go for this kind of bright lights that can be harmful to your eyes. Also, heat is so sensitive to food. That can make changes in the quality of food. that’s why warm illumination with bright lights should be the priority. 
  3. You should use low voltage light under counter lighting- 

low voltage lights are the best choice for under counter or cabinet lighting. That can save your electricity bill and also save your eyes. For this, you can choose LED lights. That is the most energy-efficient with low voltage lights. You should select the lights within 12V to 24V. These LED lights also reduce the cost of the electric bill.

  1. Choose cool white color lights- Cool white colors are most applicable to the kitchen. You can easily see the kitchen kinds of stuff in these lights. Don’t go for colorful lights. Because it won’t be a helpful decision at all.
  2. Use led lights to get the best advantages- LED lights are the best choice for under counter lighting. Before buying LED strips, you have to verify how many numbers of LEDs are there per length. So that you can install them in your kitchen properly.
  3. Hire an electrician to install under counter lighting- When you are supposed to install under counter light in your kitchen, you can hire an electrician who has the certificate of proper knowledge of it. If you don’t have prior experience, you shouldn’t do this task yourself.
  4. Choose dimming capable lights under counter lighting- 

Dimming capable lights can help you to get the actual illumination that you need. Many of us don’t tolerate the high illumination or some of them have a problem of low illumination. It also saves energy. For this, you can choose the dimming capable lights so that you can control the illumination.

  1. Use light bars that match perfectly to your under counter space- You cannot choose a random light for your under counter lighting. You have to choose the best one that will perfectly match yours under a cabinet. You should use light bars that match perfectly to your under cabinet lighting space. 
  2. Keep the distance between lights 8-12″ apart- Don’t install the light so densely. You have to maintain a proper distance between two lights. For this 8-12″ is the perfect distance for your counter space.
  3. Hide the right wires into the under counter lighting- 

To give a perfect look to your countertops; you should hide the cables of under counter lights. Unless it won’t look good and decrease the value of your kitchen.

Placing the light properly in the under counter lighting-

 The very important step is to place the lights properly in the under-counter space. You should be placing the lights considering the oven, burner, or cutting space of your kitchen. You shouldn’t place them randomly to get the proper illumination.

So after all these discussions, we come to know how beneficial and amazing the under-counter or under-cabinet light is! You can easily decide to install it in your kitchen and get the advantages from it. It will also provide an aesthetic look to your kitchen and this under cabinet or counter lights can make your modern kitchen amazing.

FAQ of under counter lighting.

Question- How difficult the installation process of under counter light is?

Answer- Not at all. It is very easy and it won’t take a lot of time during installation.

Question- Which light is the best for under counter lighting? 

Answer- LED lights are the best choice for under counter lights. It is less expensive than others and it lasts long.



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