Watch American Horror Story: 1984 episode 4 “True Killers”

Watch American Horror Story: 1984 episode 4 “True Killers”

American Horror Story Season 9

American Horror Story is an amazing television show. This series is one of the longest series of Hollywood industry. As the series running its 9th season now in cinemas. Today the fourth episode of the series is going to air with a title as “True Killers”.

Till now the things that are happened in the series are very scary. Now the fans are very anxious to know, what thrill will bring the 4th episode for them. As the series is famous for adventure, horror and shocking moments.

The direction & screenplay is simply superb! Full of unexpected twists in each & every season. Each of those seasons brings out an interesting story that will compel you to read about those historic people and events. Those who are interested in the thriller, horror, suspense and a little bit of history.

Moreover, there is so much talent, creativity, horror, delight, whimsy, agony and sheer entertainment of a new kind in this ever-evolving and changing show. What genius to make a different theme every season, giving avid television watchers a reason to keep loving the show and wanting to return for each new story.

However, each season is stand alone and the series uses some of the same actors in different roles throughout. In each season the entire production has been superb. The casting is superlative.

The storytelling is outstanding. Some seasons deliver a psychological punch and some deliver a visceral. This viewer would suggest granting each season a chance as all so far have been terrific.



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