5 Best Ways to Prevent Mice Invasion

Prevent Mice Invasion

During hot months, mice and other rodents make their ways to get inside your home. And when once they make their way into your home, it is hard to prevent mice invasion. 

Not they just only chew through boxes and walls, but they can wreak severe chaos on your space. They can contaminate your food items, gnaw on wires which can lead to house short circuits or fire. They can also cause endless health problems with many other issues. 

So for better control, you always need to look for the sign of mice infestation and should try to handle it as early as possible. Their droppings look like dark grains of rice and a quarter-inch long. Their scattered droppings are enough signs of mice infestation. If you notice mouse droppings in your place, this is the time to take some steps to get rid of this irritating creature. Here are 5 Best Ways to Prevent Mice Invasion.

1. Find the Entry Points and Block Them

Before you put down any bait or traps, you need to do a little detective work. Try to figure out from where they are coming out, and you have to block those entry points. Also, determine where they are building their nests. When once you found their nests and their entry points, set your traps around those specific areas. For this, even you can invest in professional exterminators as they will be able to figure out exactly where to put the traps and how many you’ll need. 

2. Use the Best Bait For Traps 

 You can use whatever food you have noticed mice have been eating in your kitchen as a bait. One can even use mice-approved favorites such as oatmeal, chocolate, bacon, hazelnut spread, or peanut butter. When you are ready to set a baited trap, tie the bait to the trigger with dental floss or fishing line. Also, make sure to replace the bait with a new every three days. If you feel food items are not working, you can use nesting material such as feathers or cotton balls. 

3. Store Food in Airtight Jars or Boxes 

Blocking the entry points and setting traps are not enough if your kitchen is welcoming to them. If your food items are easily approachable, mice can make their way into your home no matter what. So to block their entry, you have to stop their food supply. Make sure you are storing food items in airtight jars and put those jars out of their reach. 

4. Keep Attic and Basement Dry and Well-Ventilated 

 Attics and basements are the best places for mice to build their nests. We human beings usually visit less these two spaces as compared to other areas of our homes. So it is always good enough to clean basements and attics once in every week. Make sure all the boxes and bags are arranged, and there are no empty spaces among them where mice can reside.  

5. Seal Cracks and Holes and Install Screens 

Installing screen and sealing cracks and holes on the outside of your home. For this, you can use caulk or steel wool or both to seal the cracks, so they don’t get any way to get inside. Moreover, if you notice windows or doors’ screens require repair, do it properly.  


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